Welcome to WellRigged.com.  This is where Quality and Durability hang out.  My name’s Don and I research, compile,  and recommend the toughest,  most durable products on the market.

Every item on this site represents the high-water mark of their product categories.  Browse this site like you would browse a museum.  Relish and appreciate the workmanship and dedication each company has taken to keep quality first. 

You are in the presence product excellence.

We live in a severely compromised market place that favours mediocrity by cranking out low-grade products for maximum profits.

I think it’s time we say, “ENOUGH!”  Don’t you?

  • We need to start reward companies again that still believe in quality lifetime products by buying from them instead of saving a few bucks.
  • It’s time we return to the peace of mind our grandfathers had when they reached for their trusty solid-state tools.
  • It’s also about time we stop inundating our landfills with last years purchases from department store bargain bins!

If you’re on-board with this line of thinking…you’re well on your way to being Well-Rigged with the right kind of gear that you’ll enjoy and that’ll serve you well till you’re pushing up daisies.  At which point your family will be blessed by the solid legacy you leave.

I hope Well-Rigged.com will be a breath of fresh air from the swamp of mediocre, half-baked products choking every store aisle these days.

This is a quieter place where you’ll be sheltered from all those infernal ads that have been stalking you around the internet too.






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