Brightest Flashlight List 2018 (Updated Quarterly)

Welcome to the Brightest Flashlight List 2018 Edition.  These are the the brightest legit production flashlights currently available in 2018.

I’ve compiled this list and organized it by category to make it easier for you.  I’ve also tried my best to cross-reference lumen claims with reliable sources as much as possible.

I give a lot of credit to flashlight forums and communities around the internet who have been immensely helpful in informing me of the latest flashlights that are pushing the envelope of what is possible.

Since there is plenty of misleading lumen ratings in the flashlight world, be extra careful not to fall victim to it.  The brightest flashlights today are built by reputable flashlight manufacturers and (I hate to break it to you) they are not cheap.

So without further a-do this is the Brightest Flashlight List (updated March 9th, 2018)

Full-Size:  Imalent DX80 (32,000 lumens)

(Edit: Coming Soon The AceBeam X70 @ 40,000 lumens! No pricing yet. Fan cooled yet water proof. It will be the brightest production flashlight in the world by far!  It’s being exhibited at Germany at IWA 2018 .  Here’s a sneak peak.Credit: Thanks John and Jay from the Flashlight Fanatics facebook group! Great find!

Behold the mighty Imalent DX80! This monster cranks out 32,000 screaming lumens of retina burning goodness.  2017 represented a huge jump forward for the title of brightest flashlight in the world and its holding strong into 2018.  

The Imalent Dx80 could definitely qualify as a weapon and it won’t be long before regulators start eyeing flashlights like this.   It can even light paper on fire at close range. This beast dwarf’s HID car headlights and lights up entire football fields with ease. Though it will soon be dethroned by the AceBeam x70, it’s one heck of light!

To check current Amazon pricing Click Here

Check out this video of an Imalent Dx80  vs. car HIDs on high beam. (credit: scannerguy1968)

Medium:  AceBeam x80(25,000 lumens)

Ace Beam calls this thing their “trail blazing soda can.”  This is one crazy, redonculous handheld light-canon.  It’s super tough is even water-proof to 30 meters.  Most top end lights can only do 1.5meters (IPX8).  So plan on scaring your friends at the lake some night this summer!

To check current Amazon pricing Click Here

Here’s the X80 in action (Credit: Scannerguy1968)

Tactical:  AceBeam L30 (4000 lumens)

Credit goes to  Zak from the subreddit: flashlight for quickly pointing out to me that the Fenix TK35UE isn’t actually the brightest tactical light even though it throws a very respectable 3200 lumens.  He pointed me to the AceBeams L30 with its behemoth 4000 lumen turbo mode.   By comparison, most respectable tactical flashlights put out around 1000 lumens.

Weapon mountable, and immensely bright, its a force to be reckoned with.


Progressive beam shot of the L30 (Credit: anthon87 from

Small:  Emisar D4 XP-L Hi (4300 lumens)

Replacing the Olight H2R Nova for top spot in the small flashlight category is the Emisar D4 XP-L.  The D4 XP-L is unique in that it caters to customizers.  It comes with open source firmware and several emitter options. (make sure you choose one of the XP-L Hi emitters for the full 4300 lumens.)

A few things to note about the D4 is that it can get quite hot in the hand.  Also, be sure to use the lockout feature so  you don’t accidentally light your pants on fire when it’s in your pocket!

Be careful not to load the battery backward.  Although there is reverse polarity protection, apparently damage will occur if it’s left that way for very long.

You wont find this one on Amazon.  The place to pick up this incredible piece of technology is at Mountain Electronics.   Also one of the code developers for the firmware (Toy Keeper) did quite an in depth review of it over at BudgetLightForum.

Emisar D4 XP-L Hi beamshot. Credit: JIGHEADWORM on

Mini: Four Sevens Mini Mk II (1020 lumens)

How in the world it’s possible to flog over 1000 lumens from this tiny flashlight is beyond me.  It’s witchcraft!  The Mini Mark II tops the brightest flashlight list in its category by almost doubling its closest competitor: the Olight S1 Mini (600 lumens)!  Four Sevens accomplished this by using a custom high-discharge rate rechargeable rcr123a battery developed specifically to power the Mini Mark II. It would be an excellent EDC.  You can power it with standard cr123a batteries, but it will only manage 550 lumens.  In order to get the 1020 lumens make sure you buy the combo with the included special battery.  You can check current Amazon pricing here.

Four Sevens Mini Mk II beamshot. (credit: Bluzie from

Headlamp- Lupine 2017 Betty RX14 (5000  lumens)

No other headlamp on earth cranks out this many lumens.  The nearest I have found is the Imalent HR70 @ 3000 lumens.  Betty is insanely priced.  She’s big, bad, huge and ugly.   That doesn’t matter because whoever wears this thing is the king of the world! Or maybe there just making up for something, but whatever.

Betty is German engineered and features a wireless bluetooth wrist band to control the light without touching it.  I presume its because you’d melt your fingers if you actually touched the light.

This thing requires so much juice that you’ll be umbilicalled to a rather large L.ion battery pack.  So bring a ruck sack along for that.  Oh yeah, do your friends a favour and don’t look at them when you speak to them or you’ll burn their corneas out.

At 5000 lumens, Betty earns a well deserved spot on the brightest flashlight list. If you’re prepared to buy Betty. You can check the latest pricing on Amazon here.

However if I you’re the half reasonable type, I’d settle for second best since its 1/10th of the price.  I strongly recommend the Imalent HR70 or the Olight H2R Nova.

Below is a comparison video demonstrating big Betty’s capabilities. (Credit: johndotdoedotee)


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I update the Brightest Flashlight List at least on a quarterly basis. 

You can help me keep this list accurate and updated too!  If you believe a legit flashlight deserves to be on this list please comment below.

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