Disc O Bed Bunk Cot: Brilliant Space Savers!

This weekend we’ll have four extra people staying at our house.  We’re a family of five with one single bed in the guest room.   Thankfully our solution is stored neatly on a shelf in my garage.  Its the Disc-O-Bed bunk cot system.

I’m pretty sure its the most ingenious cot system on the planet.

How Disco-O-Beds Work

The Disc-O-Bed system comes as two individual cots which can be set up independently or stacked as a bunk. They assemble using a unique disc type bracket that locks onto the end of each bed rail.  The discs then slide and lock into place on the end rails.   Assembly takes about 5-10 minutes.  Another amazing feature is that it can be converted to a rudimentary couch. Thats a versatile feature when space is at a premium.

My Experience

A few years back my buddies and I set up a semi-permanent camp with a wall tent complete with a wood stove.  We wanted to use the space wisely so we bought the Cam-O-Cot XL  from Disc O Bed and loved it so much we bought a second set.  The beds didn’t just save space, they transformed into couches during the day.  The added functionality was a huge plus in tight quarters.



Disc-O-Beds have been tested under severe duty in the military, mobile hospitals, refugee camps, natural disaster shelters and other very harsh humanitarian missions around the world.

Two hefty guys won’t stress the beds at all. They are over-engineered to take 500 lbs per single cot(1000 lbs total!) They’re  literally tougher than nails.  All this strength adds weight (combined 62.5 lbs.)  The frames are constructed of a powder coated rust resistant steel.  The sleeping surface are very comfortable and made of a tough 600D polyester fabric.


There are plenty of versions and sizes but they are all structurally the same.  There’s even a kid’s version.   I bought our first bunk cot from Costco and snagged a sweet deal on the second from a Cabelas Bargain Cave. We went with the XL version for the extra width and I highly recommend it. Its nice to roll over at night and not fear falling off the cot. Storage accessories come with some of the kits which is great for tents or cottages.

My Quibbles:

  1. The clearance between the bunks is a bit low for a grown man.  If you’re not careful the guy on the top bunk will get bumped at night when you get up to take a leak.  Its not like these are long term beds so I’m willing to live with that.
  2. They’re on the heavy side. This system is not for hikers!  I guess that’s the trade off for their durability. Thankfully they pack away into two identical and well-made tote bags. Each one weighs around 30 lbs. Most people camp a stone’s throw from their car anyway so it shouldn’t be a big deal.
  3. Price.  Quality comes at a price and these guys aren’t the cheapest options on the market for sure.  I bought two sets, but I bided my time, saved and bought them on sale.


Here’s a few of the main reasons why I think these bunk cots are totally worth it:

1 .Payload (500 lbs per cot!)

2. Versatility: 1 Cot, 2 Cots, A bunk, A couch

3. Space-saver: 2 beds in the space of one, 4 beds in the space of 2.  No other system does this.

4. Durability: rugged, field tested, no moving parts to break like folding cots.

5. Excellent Parts availability:  Pick up the replacement parts/accessories you need from Amazon or Disc-O-Bed if  you lose a part.

6. Its simply the only bunk cot system of its kind available.

I especially recommend the Disc-O-Bed system for its versatility and space saving capability.  Whether you’re visiting relatives or they’re visiting you, you’ve got sleeping arrangements solved. If you just need one cot take it and leave the other at home or the cottage.  Of course, quality is king here at WellRigged.com and these things are world-class.  You’ve got my hearty thumbs up.  I can’t even find another comparable bunk cot system anywhere. (But if you do I’d love to hear about them and review them.)  You can check current pricing on Amazon here.

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