Well-Rigged: Buying Quality

I’m obsessed with finding and recommending the most rugged and durable “man-worthy” products available.  Of course the desire for quality is not exclusive to men, we all need quality rigging, and a well-rigged person knows the importance of buying quality especially when it comes to critical items.

So, your sick of junky products and disposable landfill fodder?  Good, so am I.  They are bad for your wallet, bad for the environment and even bad for your health!

For a good list of reasons why quality is better than quantity check out Jordanna Rowan’s excellent article over at survivingtwentingsomething.co

What I Recommend

I don’t push expensive products. I recommend the best quality products. Not all expensive products are durable or “buy it for life” material.   Of course, often the things I recommend here will cost more than Wally World. In general though, buying quality costs more than buying crap.  Most of my recommendations come with at least a lifetime warrantee and usually from companies with proven track records.

Take for instance the Leatherman WAVE.  That thing will out last time itself!   Sure it’s more expensive than other multitools, but you’ll never have to replace it and it works better.

Obviously if you’ve landed here, you probably have a taste for quality too.   You’re not here because you want to shave a penny. You’re here because your smart.  You know the wisdom and foresight to know that durability and quality trumps buying mediocre products and replacing them ever few years….most of the time.

I say “most of the time.” because there are caveats and places where we should compromise…unless your a gazzilionaire.  There’s plenty of ways in which we should compromise quality in one place order to gain it somewhere else.  I’m a proponent of that especially in the realm of consumables.  You don’t need pure silk toilet paper, and choice cut meats. Don’t be diva!  Save the money and put it toward durable things that you would use often like a good hammer or the best nail clippers ever!

Let me give you an example of why buying quality is often the more economic route even if the initial outlay is a bit more.  You’d jump at the opportunity to buy shoes with a lifetime replacement guarantee right?. Check out my article on Dr. Marten’s “For Life” shoes. Go ahead wear them out.  Dr. Marten’s will replace them. SWEET!  That’s what I’m talking ’bout!  A high-wear and tear item with lifetime replacements!  That’s free shoes for life.  Its a no brainer.

Save the Hastle

I hope I can save you the time and stress of endless research by sifting out the man-worthy products for you.

  • Its time to reward companies who are aiming for durability and quality again.
  • Its time to begin buying quality things once instead of wasting money over and over again replacing the same things.
  • Its time to make confident purchases that pay you back in dividends.

No more drinking from the firehose of toilet paper quality products.  Whatever products you see recommended on this site have been heavily researched and scrutinized.  There may be other products out there in the same category that are worthy, but for simplicities sake I often sift them all down to one.

Buying quality and durability wins the race. I’m a minimalist. I’m not a rich man. I only buy what I need and I don’t want more.  I research well and target shop.

Get Rigged up

You need rugged products to face life with.  Buying quality tools makes such a difference in terms of reliability and peace of mind.    This is what makes a “Well-Rigged person.”  They are like sailors who are  secured and made ready for the high-seas of life.    So  tighten up your rigging. Get strategic, and be targeted in your purchases so that you’ll be equipped.   Join me as we put together a war chest of rigging that every discerning individual can be proud of.



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