Top Five Clothing Warranties

You may be surprised to discover that there are a number companies out there that offer truly comprehensive lifetime warrantees with no strings attached. We’ve compiled the top five clothing warranties available to help you in your quest for quality and peace of mind.

These companies offer such incredible coverage that, buying their products is like having a free insurance policy included!  No kidding!

There are plenty of great clothing companies out there that offer very generous warrantee’s , but they all stop short of “unconditional.”   The fine print clearly excludes wear and tear or accidental damage from warrantee claims. These companies are certainly worth your business and have plenty of anecdotal accounts of top notch warrantee care, but they don’t match these 5 companies insane warrantees.

These are the top five clothing warranties with the most comprehensive lifetime guarantees in the world in writing.   No fine print. No “Wear and Tear” exclusions.  No redefining of the term “Lifetime” to mean the “Lifetime of the product” etc..

These are straight up warrantees for life. Period.


5. Outdoor Research– “Infinite Guarantee”

credit: amazon

Outdoor Research focuses on adventure sportswear like hiking, skiing, camping and climbing.  They offer a solid range of products for the outdoor enthusiast.

According to their website, “Outdoor Research products are guaranteed forever”  Plain and simple!  Again, no small print, and no weasily little asterisks* to interpret in the footnotes.

They say, “We believe so strongly in the quality of the apparel and gear we make that if our product fails to meet your needs at any time, we are happy to replace it. Our products are guaranteed forever, and your total satisfaction with our product is our goal.”

“Guaranteed Forever” is a pretty darn comprehensive claim.  Way to go Outdoor Reasearch!  You’ve earned our love at

4. Eddie Bauer- “Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee”

“Every Item we sell will give you complete satisfaction or you may return it for a full refund.™”

credit: amazon

Eddie Bauer has a very extensive product line extending beyond men and women’s clothing to footwear, bags, luggage and bedding.

Similar to L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer has built it’s reputation on legendary product support and guarantees.

Its been around for a long long time.  According to their website , their founder Eddie, “was one of the first retailers to offer an unconditional guarantee in writing-he was that confident and committed to the quality of his products. And after 50 years in business he said, ‘My greatest contribution to the consumer was our 100% unconditional lifetime guarantee. That guarantee was part of what I sold.'”

Outdoor Research’s warrantee is almost identical. However, Eddie Bauer’s long track record and legacy of honouring their warrantees earns it higher marks.

Because of  this, Eddie Bauer earns #4 on’s top five for clothing warrantees. We tip our hats to you Eddie Bauer for doggedly preserving a culture of quality in a market place of compromise.

3. Lands’ End– “Guaranteed. Period.”

credit: Land’s End

Similar to Eddie Bauer in many regards, Lands End has a wider range of products stretching beyond apparel to house and home.  They offer a lineup closer to L.L Bean’s(another stellar company that didn’t quite make the cut).

Their Warrantee simply reads:

“The Lands’ End guarantee has always been an unconditional one. It reads: ‘If you’re not satisfied with any item, simply return it to us at any time for an exchange or refund of its purchase price.” We mean every word of it. Whatever. Whenever. Always. But to make sure this is perfectly clear, we’ve decided to simplify it further: Guaranteed. Period.®'”

For being willing to offer such a generous warrantee over a wider range of products, Land’s End edges out Eddie Bauer for #3 of our top 5 clothing warranties.

2. Feetures – “Lifetime Guarantee”

credit: Feetures

Socks, one of the most common things we all wear out…guaranteed for life!  In other words, if you don’t loose’ em you’ll never need to buy them again. Feetures makes a full range of socks for men and women with a special focus on joggers.

According to Feetures website “if our products fail to live up to your standards, you may return them at any time for a replacement – no questions asked!  no receipt required.

For being willing to offer such an insane warrantee on such extreme wear and tear items as socks, Feetures earns the  the # 4 spot.

1. Darn Tough Socks– “Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee”

credit: Darn Tough

We must admit that we are shameless fans of Darn Tough and for darn good reason!  Darn Tough from Vermont, is a family owned business that manufactures the most durable socks on the planet. Their top quality Merino wool blend socks last practically forever.

“Buy it For Life/Buy it Once” aficionados swear by them .  Good luck finding a top list of “buy if for life” products that does not include Darn Tough socks.  Seriously.

Not to be outdone by Feeture’s socks, Darn Tough raises the bar with this warrantee statement:

“Our unconditional lifetime guarantee is simple and without strings or conditions. If our socks are not the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you have ever owned, return them for another pair.  No strings. No conditions. For life.”

Darn Tough makes their unconditional guarantee as clear and blunt as possible.  There is no shadow of doubt that they really, really mean “unconditional.”

For having the most extreme warrantee offering in the clothing world, Darn Tough deserves the # 1 spot. Go Darn Tough!!

By the way,  check out our article on Darn Tough Socks.   If you’ve enjoyed these top five clothing warranties you’ll love all the “Buy it once” gear we recommend here at

Honorable Mention: Dr. Marten’s FOR LIFE Shoes:

credit: Dr. Marten’s

We desperately wanted to include these gems on the list, but Dr. Marten’s “For Life Shoes” are only a product line not a brand.  Dr. Marten is a legacy brand that makes top quality shoes.  The “For Life” line are guaranteed against wearing out ever.

Their warrantee reads:

 “Dr. Martens FOR LIFE boots and shoes come with a lifetime guarantee; if you wear them out we’ll repair or replace them, simple as that.”

So add some darn tough Doc Marten’s to those Darn Tough socks.

Check out our overview of Dr. Martin’s For Life Shoes here.


Special Thanks to  I relied heavily on their “Buy It Once, Have It Forever: The Big List of Brands with Lifetime Warranties”  post to sift out the very best warrantees from an already amazing clothing category.  Head on over their and check out the full list.

Reddit:  I can’t recommend Reddit’s BuyItForLife forum enough!  Its a wealth of information and inspiration for this website.  Go Redditors!



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3 Replies to “Top Five Clothing Warranties”

    1. Hi Rein,
      I’m a huge fan of LL Bean, but as far as their written warrantee is concerned they have way more conditions than the top 5. They’re certainly capable of being a top 5 company as far as quality is concerned. While their initial warrantee statement eludes to “no conditions” if you scroll down you find all of these conditions:

      “Special Conditions”

      To help protect our customers and make sure every return or exchange is dealt with fairly, we may either require a receipt or decline a return or exchange in certain situations, including:

      Items that were not purchased directly from L.L.Bean (such as items purchased at thrift stores, online sellers or garage sales)
      Items with a missing label or an item that has been defaced
      On rare occasions, based on the nature of prior transactions
      Without a receipt and a valid ID in our stores
      Items that have been soiled or contaminated, until they have been cleaned
      Items lost or damaged due to fire, flood, natural disaster, or accidents (including pet damage)
      Items returned for personal reasons unrelated to product satisfaction
      Returns on ammunition either in our stores or through the mail

  1. Special thanks to Mizghetti from Reddit’s BuyItForLife forum for pointing out to me that I missed Duluth Trading Company in this list. After further review, I believe Duluth deserves to be part of this list and will update this post soon.
    For now, Here’s Duluth’s short and simple “No Bull Guarantee”:
    “If you’re not 100% satisfied with any item you purchase from Duluth Trading, return it to us at any time for a refund of its purchase price. Simple, unconditional, no nonsense, NO BULL.”

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