Fiskars X27: The Definitive Man-Axe

Without the Fiskars X27 I would split wood like a woos.

Consider this scenario:  Your buddies are over for bawn fire. It’s time to split a few logs.  A drop of nervous perspiration beads on your brow as all eyes settle on you and conversation peters off.  Is that a rock-hard piece of maple your about to split? Oh yes it is brother!  That crappy splitting axe you’re gripping is about to humiliate you!  My friend your manliness is on trial and you are before the supreme court!  A one strike split? Brother, your dreaming! *Thud!!*  …And there goes your man-respect.

I’ve discovered away to escape such humiliation.  It’s the Fiskars X27.   I think is the best axe in the world, and I’m not the only one.  If Paul Bunyan saw you swinging this bad-boy he’d run home to his mommy blubbering something about not feeling like a real man.

Long time traditional axe lovers hate this axe.  It flies in the face of tradition and kicks it in the butt.  Traditionalists say it’s just not heirloom material.  Oh no?  Why not pass on to your kids a true innovation after centuries of wood-handled cave man axes?  This thing could be a collectors piece in its own right.

Old ain’t “always better.”  That’s certainly true with the Fiskars X27.  Its composite handle could survive far more overstrikes and abuse than your Grampa’s axe.

Top end traditional axes cost up to $400. Their beautiful and solid, but $400? Thats just stupid. Forget $400 axes…the sub $100 X27 will outlast and outperform them.

The Company

Fiskars, is a Finnish  company and has a solid pedigree of quality.  These aren’t made in China.   Most of their products are covered under limited-lifetime warrantees(x27 included.)

The Fiskars X27

The X27 Splitting axe is consistently rated amongst the best.  Most decent review sites include the Fiskars X27 at or near the top every time.  It’s long 36 inch shaft develops serious momentum.  The simple physics of that extra length means that 4lb head enters the wood at a far high speed and momentum than most axes.  The force multiplication is truly impressive.


The axe incorporates a few innovations.  Most significantly, Fiskars ditched the traditional wood handle for a shock absorbing fibre composite that is tougher than steel.  I feel in control and confident holding and swinging it.  The forged steel axe-head is also molded right into the fibre-composite handle securing it from ever flying off and killing your dog.

The x27’s head also has a non-stick coating, this is especially helpful when removing it from an stubborn log.(yes even the X27 needs a few tries on some logs) It comes with a plastic axe head cover that makes it super handy for hanging on your garage wall or wherever.

My Experience

I researched the heck out of this upstart axe before finally going for it. I’ve had it for 3 years and I never regretted it.  The X27 is like that smart punk kid down the block.  He’s always cheating and “getting away with it” while everyone else has to work so much harder.

Fiskars Blade Sharpener

I also own one of the X27’s little brothers, the X11 Splitting axe (17 inch).  Its great for hiking and camping, or in my case, dispatching with the occasional chicken.  Fiskars Axes come razor sharp.  Remember though, that every axe needs sharpening.

If you decide to buy the X27 or any of their axes, its a smart idea to get the Fiskars Blade Sharpener tool as well.  Its supper easy to use.  I keep my axes in top form with this handy little tool. Why get an awesome axe and let it get dull?  That’s dumb. Plus your buddies will notice how unmanly that is.

My Quibbles

The butt of the Fiskars X27’s axe head can’t be used for hammering.  This is actually kind of annoying mainly when your cutting trees down and want to hammer in a wedge to released a pinched chainsaw or fell the tree in the right direction.

Fiskars 8lb Maul

The X27 was made for one purpose only: Chopping wood like boss.

If you want the maul/axe combo step up to this behemoth: The 8lb Fiskars Splitting Maul.  By comparison the x27 is only 5.8lb.  Get the picture?  You could wreck the world with it.  You can also expect the same quality.



Splitting wood with the Fiskars X27 makes even the most inept man look like a hero.  Sure it takes a degree of basic skill to swing an axe, but I have confidence in you.  The X27 really is so much more rugged than the traditional axes. The price also makes it a no-brainer compared to those high end axes as well.  Did I mention the lifetime warrantee? Buy it. I’ll eat my shirt if you regret buying the X27.





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