2018 Camp for HIV Affected Children

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This year I’m leading a team of 5  to help a colleague of mine who run’s an HIV clinic in Benin, West Africa called the Alafia Project (Health Project.)  We will be running a 5 day camp for children affected by HIV.  These children are either orphaned, have HIV, or have parents with HIV.

The sad reality is that these children are often terribly austracised with an unfair stigma.  They are very often excluded from play with other children.  The parents of other children are afraid that their child will contract HIV so they instruct their children not to play or interact with them.

On top of all this many of these children will not live past their teen years.


A special thanks to all my followers here at wellrigged.com.  As the site grows it will play an more significant role in making a life changing difference around the globe.

My daughter and I just returned from working in Benin on this project.  It was a privilege to work with these kids and see the joi-de-vie that they still have in-spite of their difficult circumstances.  The kids had the time fo their lives, ate well, received on sight medical care and counsel and plenty fun and games.

Endeavors like this are always more than worth it.


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