Occasionally if you click a link to a product I recommend and decide to purchase it I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you.)

This allows me to buy a baloney sandwich and eat it…thank you very much.

Honest bloggers can’t live on baloney sandwiches forever. I hope one day to upgrade to spam.

Kidding aside, this blog actually helps fund my full-time non-profit work.

I’m devoted to offering high-integrity recommendations of the toughest and highest-quality products even if I don’t get a dime which is often the case. (although I wouldn’t mind if I could).

How I Pay For My Baloney Sandwiches:

I’m extremely picky about the brands and products I recommend. Many of them are scattered across a number of affiliate networks(as you’ll see below.) Since I’m recommending them anyway, why not earn a baloney sandwich while I’m at it right?

These are the affiliate networks I work with and the brands. You might also say, this is my shortlist of brands I trust who are still making top quality products that last.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Avantlink is partnered with some very high-quality brands with the same dedication to durability. Its been a hand in glove fit for WellRigged.com. They do not work with fly-by-night bloggers who have low traffic and spammy content. I often encourage smaller high-quality companies I come across to use Avantlink to partner with reputable influencers(like WellRigged) to help their businesses expand their reach and showcase their high-quality products.

I work with the following brands as an affiliate with Avantlink:

CJ Affiliates

CJ Affiliates is a huge affiliate network but I only joined because of a few particular high-quality brands worth recommending on this site. These Are:


I partnered with ShareaSale Network because they happened to work with a few brands I trust:

Sovrn//Commerce (Formerly Viglink)

I use Viglink occasionally to “plug a hole” when a quality brand that I love has no apparent affiliate program. Sovrn often has deals with these brands that no-one else does but usually offers lower commissions. Hey, its something.

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