Moving to Africa…

When & Where?

Africa: I owe a debt of gratitude to that continent. It was there I learned through hard-knocks how lives can literally depend on the durability of a product. (More about that here).

We really are moving back to Benin, Africa in July 2020. In fact, we’ll be moving there for 3-5 years as part of our non-profit work with SIM.

What We’ll Be Doing

We will be operating a missions guest house and I will be working as a digital media coordinator for indigenous language initiatives.


Whether you can appreciate things of faith or not, I’m sure you can appreciate the concept of loving others. There is nothing greater.

We love the people of Benin and we believe giving ourselves for eternal things is the wisest investment a person can make. In my lifetime of sifting out things of enduring value nothing transcends knowing God himself, and while I appreciate durable products..there is nothing on earth that lasts longer than a human soul.

“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”– Jim Elliot

I was born in Benin and, in a way, my heart is knit together with these beautiful people in a life-long commitment.


While we do appreciate donations, we don’t believe in soliciting or hounding people to give. Any cause that’s worth a dime is worth sweating for yourself.

Thus, was born. 100% of all proceeds from fund our non-profit work.

Last year(2018) the proceeds from helped fund the trip my daughter and I made to Benin to run a camp for HIV Affected Children.

How to Give

Donations are tax-deductible. Spending of funds is confined to the ministry of missionaries, projects and board-approved programs.

SIM USA is a Nonprofit Religious Corporation. IRS ID#: 22-1936391.

SIM Canada is a registered charitable organization. Reg #12994-7537-RR0001.

Contact Me

For those that can appreciate our cause, would like to connect or get more info you can contact me below.

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