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Hi, I’m Don and I established Well Rigged as a resource for discerning consumers who value quality and durability above all. 

Well-Rigged is designed to simplify your search for the toughest and most trustworthy products on earth.

My background is in Christian non-profit work.  I was born in Africa and grew up there.  Since then I’ve lived and worked with the marginalized and poor in West Africa as well as Canada. 

All the proceeds from this site free me to stay in full time non-profit work with SIM Canada   This income also enables me to donate to unsung heros, other non-profits and those in need.

From time to time I’ll post what my next project is and how this blog is making a real difference in peoples lives.

Thanks for visiting my site.

 I must admit I’ve got a “slight” obsession: namely, finding the longest-lasting, most quality gear available.  I even have those qualities in my last name.  Check it out: Longworth.  I think I come by it honestly.

Truth is, it’s my life experiences that have played the largest roll in developing this pre-occupation with sifting out life-proof products.  I spent half of my life living along the southern rim of the Sahara Desert in Africa, and I spent the other half buried in the deep freeze of Canadian snow and ice.

Living in these extreme environments taught me how to recognize and value quality and durability. I often relied on the workmanship and toughness of products for the safety of my family and friends.   The extremes of high-stress operating conditions were perfect proving grounds for truly reliable products.

I didn’t always insist on the toughest and best.  I actually learned to discern rugged quality by shear necessity rather than an inner drive.

Here’s an example from my experiences:

My Peugot: French for “basket case on wheels

As a single guy I bought my first car when I moved to Africa to work with a non-profit organization.  It was an ’86 Peugot 505.  I’m pretty sure “Peugot” is french for a “basket-case on wheels.”  It was notoriously unreliable.

Several years later that Peugot could have costed my wife’s life during a medical emergency.

She needed life-saving emergency surgery and we had 2 hours of pothole riddled roads between us and the bush hospital.  I knew I couldn’t trust my car for the type of aggressive driving needed.  If it broke down I could lose my wife.

Thankfully a colleague offered to drive us in his Toyota van.  I stayed in the back taking care of my wife, while Neil mercilessly flogged his Toyota over endless potholes for two solid hours. I am eternally grateful to that man and his van.   We made it. She made it. My Peugot would not have made it.

This is why I bought the 98′ Toyota Hilux. It was there when we rushed our daughter Haylie to hospital with malaria.  That’s why reliability matters.

I learned that day, why quality and durability matters.  I promptly replaced that car with the legendary diesel Toyota Hilux. It was rock solid, and most of all I could trust it to come through for my family and friends in very tough situations.   It was the best vehicle I ever owned.

In my opinion, the Hilux is the most reliable vehicle on earth next to the Toyota Land Cruiser.

These were formative experiences for me and I learned to slow down, be careful and make wise choices by buying top quality.  This is particularly important when purchasing critical or high use items.

  • I believe in the economics of buying a top-quality item once and enjoying it for a lifetime.
  • I’m not a product junky- I don’t buy lots of things just because “they’re cool.” I just buy what I need.
  • I’m a strategic buyer. I make studied, top quality purchases that maximize my efficiency and quality of life.
  • I believe in delayed gratification if that delay gains me quality and reliability.

If I can help you do the same I’d be thrilled.

-Don Longworth

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