Rugged, well-built, over-engineered, practical, and reliable products: That’s what is about. 

My name is Don Longworth. I research, review, and recommend the very best “Buy It For Life” products.

My Principles and Practices

  • I reject 95% of brands that offer me samples due to quality concerns.
  • 100% human content written by me. While AI helps with facts, it will never replace raw human experience. Everything I write is based on my original perspective and hands-on usage of products.
  • I do not do brand-sponsored posts.
  • I do detailed hands-on reviews and spend 15+ hours(average) on every single review (writing, videos, images, research.)
  • I update content after a couple of years with valuable long-term user insights
  • I get ad revenue whether or not someone buys a product. This removes the temptation to write a review just to “sell” a product. If a product is good, will review it whether or not I get an affiliate commission.
  • I purchase about 50% of the products I review myself. If the site grows I will be able to afford to buy all my product review items instead of asking companies for samples.
  • I disclose all my affiliate relationships. No secrets. They are all great companies.

In essence, I want to be trust-worthy guide to the toughest and the best products.

What’s with the Name?

Well-Rigged refers to a fully equipped sailing vessel prepared for unknown savage conditions that may await it over the horizon.

I also draw inspiration from the African Spurred tortoises I raised as a kid growing up along the rim of the Sahara desert. They are unbelievable examples of epic durability in one of driest and most hostile climates on earth.

You never know what life will throw at you. There is, therefore, a lot of wisdom in choosing reliable, practical, and durable products.

For example, If I suddenly lost my job, I’d much rather own a reliable Toyota Camry than a Chevy Malibu.


We live in a severely compromised marketplace that favors mediocrity by cranking out junky products at low prices to tempt customers into regretful impulse purchases.

Browse this site like you would browse a museum.  Relish and appreciate the workmanship and dedication each company has taken to keep quality first. 

It’s time we say, “ENOUGH!” to low-grade junky products.

  • It’s time to start rewarding quality companies again that still believe in quality lifetime products by buying from them instead of saving a few bucks.
  • It’s time we return to the peace of mind our grandfathers had when they reached for their trusty solid-state tools.
  • It’s also about time we stop inundating our landfills with last years purchases from department store bargain bins!

If you’re on-board with this line of thinking.  I think you’ll enjoy