Durable products breed loyal customers, and loyal customers make the best brand reps. Many of the brands I talk about here at WellRigged.com have earned loyal tribes of fans who would love a brand sticker for their gear.

Actually getting your hands on an official sticker is another matter! Most of us are relegated to combing eBay or contacting brands directly, but it’s pretty “hit and miss.”

If that’s you, I’d recommending checking Redbubble.com’s selection of stickers. They might have what your looking for. I found that they have the most variety of unofficial brand-related stickers online.

My Favorite Brand Stickers

Here are some of my favorite unofficial brand stickers available from Redbubble.com that I’ll be putting on my new Pelican case:

Check Out More Logo Stickers

While you won’t find obscure brands, you stand a good chance of finding a nice variety of brand-specific stickers for well-respected companies.

Another plus is that you can get each sticker usually comes in three sizes(S, M, L) depending on where you want to put it. RedBubble.com has different sticker styles too(Matte, Glossy, Transparent.)

Stickers aren’t their only thing, Redbubble can make a tshirts, mug, phone covers whatever from any of the above designs. So they make a cool gift idea to.

Tip: You get 50% off if you order 10 or more small stickers(as of publishing). So, basically, if you order 6 you might as well order 10.

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