Pelican ExoDry: Super Tough Dry Bags For Rough and Tumble Adventures

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Watch out! Pelican has just entered the Dry Bag business and when they put their name on something can expect professional-level quality. Their new family of ExoDry bags is definitely worth considering for your next adventure.

With Pelican’s stellar reputation for ultra-durable waterproof gear, you can expect the same from their ExoDry bags. These dry bags give total waterproof protection to your belongings whether you are on the lake, river, or just tossing your gear into the bed of your pickup truck.

Each Pelican Exodry bag comes with integrated shoulder straps making them very functional for portages. I am usually not a fan of Dry Bags but am already looking to order my second ExoDry.


Expect to pay anywhere from $25-45 depending on which size you choose. Check the latest price on Amazon.

We are reviewing the Pelican Exodry 30 Litre Dry Bag, however its important to note that the 30L version is the only one that comes with backpack straps. The 10L and 20L capacity bags do not.

The price is only $40 and you get a quality Dry bag with pelican crafted precision.


  • Style: Roll-top Waterproof Bag with Shoulder straps
  • Sizes: 10L, 20L and 30L(Only 30L has shoulder straps)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 28 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 lb / 0.73 kg
  • Material: PVC 500D
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

First Impressions

As soon as the Pelican Exodry arrived it was clear that it was a very sturdy Dry Bag. The PVC material is thick and tough and all the welded seams were even and flush without any waves or splits.

The shoulder straps are broad and distribute weight nicely across the shoulders. The children took to playing with it rather roughly, but the way this bag is built, I never thought twice about it ripping or tearing.

A bag like this has plenty of uses outside water sports. I think it’s ideal for strapping to a roof rack, ATV or just tossing into the bed of a pickup truck for road trips. The Exodry is a true multi-use item.

Closing and Opening the Bag

In standard dry bag fashion, you simply twist the top, fold it over itself 2-3 times and then lock shut with the clasps. Pelican recommends folding the lid over at least 3 times before clasping to ensure a 100% waterproof closure in extreme situations.

The stitching around the seams of the opening are of a higher quality than other dry bags I have used. Although the buckle system is plastic it is quite robust long-lasting. I would not worry to carry a good amount of weight by the buckles at the top if you had to.

From my perspective, using the dry-bag as a normal knapsack works and the loop at the top does not look overly weird or strange.

Knapsack Mode!

Pelican offers different shoulder straps depending on the size you get:

  • 10L- Single shoulder sling strap
  • 20L- Dual shoulder straps
  • 30L- Dual Padded shoulder straps

Who would even notice the difference? It looks like a knapsack and even feels like a knapsack. When Pelican Exodry 30 Litre Dry Bag was being developed they definitely wanted to break the lines between a conventional knapsack and dry-bag.

The straps themselves have ample padding on them to help you lug around those heavy things you want to throw in there. The back support seems enough with the added support of a hip strap that helps distribute weight.

Pelican advertises that the straps are a “dry fast” technology so don’t worry getting them wet!

If you do long hikes with this there is no padding on the lower part of the bag so it might cause some sweating there or un-comfortability. But I do think it would work fine for short day hikes or portages.

Everything feels very durable and well built and gives you the confidence to throw tons of items in the bag not worrying about maxing it out.

Water-Resistant Outside Pocket

A medium-sized outer water-resistant zipper pocket allows you to store essentials within easy reach. Throw your wallet or cellphone in this pocket and carefully close it giving you 100% water resistance. However, if you anticipate full submersion I wouldn’t put sensitive equipment in this pocket.

That said, having an outside pocket is super convenient. You don’t want to have to rummage around in the main bag all the time to find a small item as there are no dividers in the main storage bag section. So this little pocket seems it will come in handy for many uses.

As with most dry bags, the ExoDry™ dry-bag is not designed to be fully submerged. However, I’m pretty sure that momentary submersion would never allow even a drop of water inside the bag.

Stitching And Construction

In typical Pelican style, they have constructed this dry bag over and beyond normal use expectations to ensure a well-made product, durable, rugged, and ready for your next adventure in the wilderness, lake, or around the city.

The stitching is well done includig double seamed and PVC coated attachments with boxed-stitched anchor points for the straps. The last thing you want is an anchor point tearing away and compromizing the integrity of the bag.

The PVC materials seems to be more rugged and thicker than competitors.

Two heavy-duty rows of daisy chain loops on the front of the bag offer secure lashing points. It’s also a convenient carabiner attachment point to keep smaller items like water bottles from floating away.


If you are looking for a new dry-bag for sporting and hiking (water sports) then you might have found yourself one of the best dry-bags on the market.

If you are Pelican fan and looking for a simple backpack that will safely store your items this is another great snag.

Overall the Pelican Exodry bags(Amazon) make very versatile and affordable drybags that you can count on for seriously rugged adventures. We bought one, but we’re already considering buying others because we love it so much.

Check out this post on the Best Waterproof Luggage for more great products worth considering.

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