Juggernaut: ACEBEAM X75 Flashlight Fully Reviewed

As of 2022, the ACEBEAM X75 holds second place for the brightest production flashlight in the world(See the full list here.) In its top configuration, it is capable of unleashing 80,000 lumens downrange over 3700 feet (1.1 Km.) By comparison, a good set of car headlights only produce 3000 lumens on high. The X75 features forced air-cooling and also doubles as a mobile power bank with a USB-C PD port for fast-charging your devices.

When ACEBEAM approached me about reviewing it, I naturally jumped at the opportunity and I had this beast shipped all the way out to me in Africa so I could do a proper hands-on review of the ACEBEAM X75.

Pricing & Specs

  • Price: $399 (at time of publishing)
  • 3 Available Versions: 80,000 lumen, 75,000 lumen, 67,000 lumen(+200m throw)
  • Force-air cooled
  • Power bank function: 100 watt PD USB-C
  • Tripod-Mountable(1/4″)
  • Weight:
  • Battery: Built-in (21700×4) Replacements are available here.
  • LEDs: 12 (3 types available)
  • Color Temperature: 6500k or 5000k
  • Turbo Runtime before stepdown: 20 seconds
  • Max Sustained Lumens: 11,000 lumens for 63 minutes
  • Max Runtime: 900 lumens for 8 hrs 20 min
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Premium build quality
  • flashlight per Lumen(200 lumens per dollar spent)
  • Relatively compact vs. the competition
  • Mechanical lockout adds safety
  • Lighter vs competition
  • Excellent Power Bank Function
  • Massive lumen output and range


  • Turbo steps down after 30 seconds
  • Premium price-point
  • Proprietary battery pack


Unboxing the X75 feels like an occasion. The gift-quality box comes safely tucked away within an ACEBEAM branded tote bag.

Opening the box reveals the X75 resting in a custom foam bed like a slumbering beast(Yes, I like word pictures).

In the little white accessory box you’ll find: an optional USB-C wall adapter(costs extra), USB-C cable, spare O-rings, spare fan module, screws and wrench for removing the handle of the flashlight for cleaning and maintenance.

First Impressions

  • The ACEBEAM X75 much more compact than I anticipated considering how much light generates.
  • It’s Premium Quality. The overall fit, finish, styling and hardware demonstrate attention to detail and quality. I’ve come to expect this from ACEBEAM during my previous reviews of their brilliantly designed L19 tactical light and H30 headlamp.
  • The buttons an slider switch are very easy to find, feel and differentiate in the dark. You wouldn’t believe how many flashlights manufacturers use smooth, flush-mounted buttons you can never find in the dark.
  • This Flashlight is tough: The 12 XHP 70.2 LEDs on the “business end” are well protected with an aggressive bezel and the solid aluminum handle is securely bolted to the chassis.


OK, enough with the small talk. I know this is what you really came for. Let’s get on with the beamshots shall we?

Land Cruiser High Beams
ACEBEAM X75 Obliterates the Headlights
Imalent MS18


The X75’s detachable handle isolates your hand from the heat of the flashlight. The cooling fan is integrated into the handle by removing M3 socket nuts.

The solid aluminum handle features a physical safety lockout switch, the main power button, and a larger Aux button for instant turbo burst and fan control.

The proprietary battery pack comprises the whole barrel of the flashlight. It can be interchanged with fresh spares by unscrewing it from the head. Unscrewing tailcap reveals the on-board USB-C Charging port which doubles as a battery bank outlet for charging your mobile devices too.

The large bezel features a removable heat resistant black silicon bumper sleeve which protects the bezel and changes color to a light grey to indicate that the flashlight is hot (nice touch!)

12 CREE XHP 70.2 LED’s launch a blistering wall of light focused by individual orange-peal reflectors. The Anti-reflective coated glass lens enables maximum light pass-through.

A 1/4″ threaded tripod mount is handy for stationary applications like lighting up a worksite or campsite or emergency beacon.

Modes and Operation

Forced Air Cooling

The ACEBEAM X75 is among a very rare breed of high-powered flashlights with forced air cooling. To manage all this energy, a cooling fan integrated into the head of the flashlight drives air over the cooling fins.

The cooling fan operates automatically according to thermal conditions and light output. It will turn on whenever cooling is needed. Sometimes the noise of the fan may be inconvenient so you can turn off this function if you want. However, if you do this you will also limit the output and duration of higher power modes.

Long pressing the auxiliary button will cycle the fan mode on and off. A green light indicates the fan mode is activated.

Power Modes

Once on, a long press will cycle the light output up through 4 modes from low to high. It’s a simple idiot-proof UI, akin to what flash-a-holics call “muggle mode.”


Double-clicking the power button instantly unleashes the full 80,000 lumen-wrath of the beast.

Turbo mode makes me smile. I can’t help it. Arking the behemoth beam across the night sky gives is extremely satisfying. Sadly, as with all high-powered flashlights, the smiling is short-lived due to the built in thermal protection. You can expect to giggle for about 20 seconds before the X75 throttles back to prevent a nuclear meltdown…or something approximating it.

Tactical Strobe

If you wish to make a bad guy stumble and trip like a drunken man simply triple-click the X75 and enjoy the show. Joking aside this strobe is no toy. This mode is best suited for SAR, or marine uses such as a long-distance distress signal or a temporary shore beacon. According it ACEBEAM it can deliver an intense strobe seen for about 50 minutes.

Ultra Low

I find it rather comical that the X75’s ultra-low mode(900 L) is equivalent to the high mode on most of the consumer flashlights . 900 lumens is a butt-load of light and plenty enough for area lighting a campsite. The X75 can sustain this mode all night long for over 8 hours.

That’s impressive.

Battery and Charging

The X75 ships with a proprietary sealed battery pack and a 60w USB fast charger which can charge the flashlight in roughly 1.5 hours. For about $50 more ACEBEAM will ship a 100w charger that can top up a dead battery in 1 hour. For extensive users, the more powerful charger may make sense especially if you are utilizing two batteries.

However, for most users, like myself, the 60w is plenty.

Power Bank Mode

Acebeam X75 charging a 13-inch Macbook Pro

The fact that the X75 doubles as a large back up USB power supply is a real plus around the camp site.

ACEBEAM has been leading the industry by integrated this ability into many of their flashlights for a while now. I think it makes a lot of sense given that flashlights areoften used in off-grid or remote situations.

To access the charging point, simply unscrew the tail cap and plug your device into the same USB-C port you use the charge the flashlight. The flashlight can quickly charge any device, including a laptop with 100 watts of charging power thanks to the USB-C PD port.

Use example:

ACEBEAM X75 vs Imalent MS18

Acebeam X75 vs Imalent MS18

As of 2022, the ACEBEAM X75(80,000 lumens) is the second brightest flashlight in the world behind the 100,000-lumen Imalent MS18(which I own and fully reviewed here.) Both are large flashlights and produce astounding amounts of light. Here’s a basic comparison chart of the two flashlights.

ACEBEAM X75Imalent MS18
at Imalent
Max Lumens80,000100,000
Max Range
1350 meters
(4420 feet)
Max Sustained
11,000 Lumens
for 63 min.
22,000 Lumens
for 67 min.
Weight1.2kg(2.7lbs)1.9kg/ 4.2lbs)
Forced Air
Water ProofIP68(2M)IP56(water jets)

On a purely practical basis, I think the ACEBEAM X75, has more going for it than the MS18. That doesn’t mean it’s better in everything though.

Basically it’s like this:

The ACEBEAM X75 costs $270 less than the Imalent MS18, is lighter, more portable, much more waterproof(submersible to 1.5m) and has better overall build quality. Unlike the Imalent, the X75 also functions as a high-speed USB battery bank to charge your devices.

On the other hand, the Imalent MS18 is more powerful, has more throw and a longer runtime at higher sustained lumens(22,000 vs 11,000) making it a better choice when you absolutely must have the most light possible for extended periods of time.

Who is the ACEBEAM X75 For?

The X75 is primarily designed to illuminate large open spaces with a broad floody beam. Beyond the obvious uses, such as Search and Rescue, the X75 makes an excellent tool for large property security, livestock protection, and industrial inspections. Since it is waterproof down to 2 meters, it is also suitable for maritime emergencies.

On the less serious side, the X75 is suitable for giggles, projecting bat signals, contacting aliens, or efficiently vaporizing a hoard of vampires all at once.

The ACEBEAM X75 is NOT For…

  1. The X75 is not for children..or grown-up idiots. This flashlight can easily light fires or cause severe damage to eyes. The first habit you should build with these types of flashlights is to activate the safety lock out the flashlight every time you put it away. Even if you are the only user, you never know when curious little ones might discover it and try to turn it on.
  2. The X75 is not designed for close proximities. The purpose of the X75 is to light up acres of land and sea not objects 10 feet away. It makes a decent enough pathway light in ultra-low mode, lighting up closer objects on higher settings will reflect so much of the X75’s light back to you that you’ll likely temporarily blind yourself.


I’m particularly impressed with the X75’s build quality, power bank mode, and size. Even though it is not as powerful as the Imalent MS18 I feel it is more practical. The ACEBEAM X75 is 600 grams lighter and $270 cheaper.

Overall, I feel the ACEBEAM X75 offers excellent value, with a better balance of power and usability.

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Don Longworth

Don was born and raised in sub-saharan Africa. Now based in Canada, his extensive experience in non-profit work has served him well over multiple deployments in Africa. Don's experiences have made him a practical "to-the-point" type person. He is a no-frills, low-key guy who appreciates quality and simplicity.

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