AceBeam L19: Longest Range Tactical Flashlight of 2021

4.0 rating

The ACEBEAM L19 claims to be the longest throwing tactical flashlight in the world for 2021, and after testing it I’m a believer! The L19 isn’t just a one-trick pony either. It is a very practical flashlight especially for law enforcement, security, and land management applications.

On paper, the L19 can reach out 1.3km! That’s a heck of long-range for a flashlight that’s only 6 inches long! LED technology certainly has come a long way.

Woohoo! This is ACEBEAM L19 review is going to be a fun one!

Price: $150

At the time of publishing this article, you can buy the L19 at for around $150. I think that is a pretty reasonable price considering the build quality and the fact that it is the longest range LED flashlight in its class.


  • 6 Modes
  • Dual Switches
  • Weapon Mountable
  • Tactical Strobe: 900 lumens
  • Max Lumens: 1650 lumens
  • Max Beam Intensity: 422,407 candelas
  • Max Beam Throw: 1.3KM
  • Max Runtime: 94 days (Moonlight mode)
  • Battery:  21700 lithium rechargeable
  • Dimensions: 6.4″L x 1″W x 2.4″ Head
  • Weight: 196g(6.91oz.) empty
  • Body: Knurled Anodized Aircraft Aluminum
  • Reflector: Smooth(SMO)
  • Lens: AR-coated tempered Glass
  • IPX-8 submersible: 5 meters
  • Safety: Lockout mode
  • Lanyard included
  • Holster included


  • High Quality/Precision
  • Excellent Optics
  • Maintains Impressive range after step-down
  • Light/Compact


  • Likes to rolls on flat surfaces
  • grip ring tends to snags on the holster when drawing.
  • Standard-sized 21700 batteries loose contact(use USB-C versions instead)

First Impressions

My first thought upon unpacking the ACEBEAM L19 was, “Wow, this thing is smaller than I thought, can it really reach out 1.3KM?” Usually, that kind of range is reserved for flashlights far larger with huge lenses.

I think the Acebeam L19 is a real “looker.”The L19’s fit and finish is definitely a step above the Imalent flashlights I recently reviewed.

The L19 comes with a lanyard, replacement O-rings, a replacement tail button and a sheath. A 21700 battery is not included unless you add it(~$20) at checkout.

Beam shots

ACEBEAM L19: Turbo @ 1650 lumens
Honda Accord: high beams

Beam Characteristics

ACEBEAM L19: Mid @470 Lumens

The L19’s beam is quite tight with very little spill. Yet it is broad enough to spotlight 6 foot a man from head to toe from 30-40 feet away.

This is why the L19 makes the ideal manhunter for law enforcement.

As one might expect from a thrower, the L19’s beam is quite tight. Its best used at ranges greater than 25 feet. There is very-little spill but still enough to judge close-range surroundings adequately.


Across a Lake: Opposite bank is 670 Meters away.

I was caught off guard when I first shone the L19 down my street. My jaw actually dropped and then I started chuckling. What crazy piece of engineering this is! It packs an immense wallop and can easily reach out 6-700 meters.

However, if you think the L19 will illuminate a subject 1.3 KM away in a halo of brilliant light with the L19- think again.

On paper, the throw distance of ACEBEAM L19 is indeed 1300 meters. This isn’t false advertising though.

Let me explain:

Flashlights manufacturers use the FL1 standard to derive the throw distance of their flashlights. Basically, it the distance at which a flashlight can illuminate a subject with .25 lux (approximately the light of a full moon)

.25 lux may be usable at arms length but it is not useful to the human eye at half a mile!

Ease of Operation

The ACEBEAM L19 features dual switches: a tail button for instant turbo and a side switch for everything else. An optional remote pressure switch is available from ACEBEAM for weapon’s mounting.

My only gripe with the user interface is that I wish the tail switch could also cycle the output levels.

Here’s how the buttons work:

Side Switch

When Off:

  • On: Single-click
  • Moonlight mode: Short-hold
  • Lockout On/Off: Long hold
  • Turbo: Double-click

When On:

  • Short hold: Cycle up
  • Turbo: Double-click
  • Tactical Strobe: Triple-click

Tail Switch

Tail Button:

  • Momentary Turbo: half-click
  • Turbo: Single-click


Currently Imalent has a lead over ACEBEAM for the title of world’s brightest flashlight, However, in my opinion, ACEBEAM’s flashlights are much better quality than Imalent. The L19 is a very well-put-together flashlight and it looks good too.

Acebeam design engineers clearly spent extra time working on the details and styling. Every groove, knurl, and fin is well finished with no sharp edges. The anodized coating is smooth and even, and the threads were smooth and well lubricated.

Overall Performance

Moonlight Mode

Garage door at 30 feet

I found myself using moonlight more often than the others. It can run for over 90 days continuously! Even though it only produces 1 lumen, the L19’s focused beam makes it useful at close range small tasks like reading.


I get a giddy feeling when I wield this massive lightsaber through the night sky! Somehow 1650 lumens feels like so much more when it reaches out 600 meters! On turbo, it can punch a beam downrange at max lumens for about 2 minutes before stepping down to “high.”

NOTE: Don’t use turbo on nearby objects. The light intensity will ruin you night vision. Also, it goes without saying, DO NOT SHINE IT IN PEOPLES EYES….except bad guys of course.

Tactical Strobe

The tactical strobe is capable of disorienting bad-guys at a great distance. For law enforcement, it may be quite helpful in slowing or tripping up suspects during foot pursuits.

On another note, the tactical strobe makes an epic rescue beacon that will be easily visible for many miles away especially if you point it at the sky on a misty night.

Safety Lockout

When the flashlight is off, pressing and holding the side switch for 5 seconds activates the safety lockout. High power flashlights like this can light fires and its always wise to lock them out especially if you have children around.

LED Options

Optional green LED performance specs

The L19 is also available with a green LED option that boasts an additional 200 meters of throw. It’s more geared for hunters who want to preserve their night vision. There is no price difference between white or green LED versions.


The L19’s bezel raw aluminum contrasts nicely against the black anodized body. The teeth make for a formidable self-defense weapon without any rough or sharp edges.

The teeth also allow you to see that the flashlight is still even when it is lens-down- a nice reminder for us who tend to forget to turn things off.


The L19 uses a special projector lens similar to the headlights of a car to focus and throw its beam out so far. Instead of the LED simply shining directly forward, a central mirror evenly redirects the light to a smooth reflector which focuses the beam very tightly and shoots it through the anti-reflective lens and downrange a great distance.


The L19 is technically a “multi-fuel” flashlight. You can use several kinds of batteries with it. However, it is primarily designed for 21700 batteries. After posting my video review on youtube BigSmartArmed pointed out that only the longer 21700 batteries(with USB charging ports) work. Standard 21700 batteries. appear to be too loose and lose contact if the flashlight is bumped or rattled.

Batteries are not included with L19, but you can pick up the right-sized 21700 from ACEBEAM as an extra option at check-out.


Probably the single biggest complain I have is that the ACEBEAM L19 does not come with on-board charging. I think its an opportunity missed especially for law-enforcement applications where officers could charge them in their squad cars between calls.

ACEBEAM’s optional 21700 batteries do come with built-in USB-c ports so it is still possible to charge them on the go. I’d advise picking up two batteries so you could have one charging while the other is in use.

Belt Holster

The nylon belt holster is perfectly adequate in every way except one. The tail ring snags on the holster every time you draw the flashlight. Thats a really annoying problem to deal with. I don’t use holsters, but if I did I’d be looking for a different holster for my L19.


After spending the last few months reviewing Imalent flashlights, I can tell you that ACEBEAM’s quality and attention to detail are definitely a step up. While the L19 is not a “pathway” flashlight, it still produces enough spill to be useful at closer ranges.

The only reason I didn’t give the L19 five stars was that only specific 21700 batteries work well in this flashlight(see the battery section.)

For me, the most compelling reason to buy an L19 is the fact that nothing can hide from me within 1/2km radius. currently, the only other rival in this size category is the Nitecore P30i(reviewed here) which boasts more lumens but slightly less range.

The L19 is the best tactical flashlight I’ve ever reviewed. I love it. It’s not bulky and makes an ideal flashlight for law enforcement. This thing can reach out distances usually reserved for much larger spotlights.

I highly recommend it.

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