World’s Brightest Flashlights of 2024

Imalent MS18

(Last Update: Jan 26, 2024)

Currently, the brightest flashlight in the world for 2024 is the 200,000-lumen Imalent MS32 released in Late 2023. This monster is pure insanity. Nothing comes close to it.

It’s amazing to think that 6 years ago, the most powerful flashlight on the market could only produce 10,000 lumens! LED technology has grown by leaps and bounds.

For some perspective: The average set of car headlights produces less than 3000 lumens. By comparison, even the smallest flashlight on this list delivers 4000 lumens!

World’s Brightest Flashlights by Category

CategoryNameMax Output (in lumens)
LargeImalent MS32200,000L
(2nd place)
Imalent SR32Imalent SR32120,000 L
MediumImalent MS12 Mini65,000 L
TacticalNitecore TM20K20,000 L
EDCImalent MS03 13,000 L

Nitecore T4K
Imalent LD70
4000 L
HeadlampACEBEAM H304000 Lm

World’s Brightest Flashlight: Imalent MS32

Imalent MS32 beam shot
  • Price: ~$750(Check latest price)
  • Output: 200,000lm(turbo), 40,000lm(sustained)
  • Range: 1618 meters(lab rating)
  • Weight: 3096gg (6.8lb)

To put 200,000 lumens in perspective, the MS32 easily delivers more bulk light than 60 sets of halogen car headlights- all in the palm of your hand! It is sheer madness! Nothing on the market even comes close to it.

The MS32 features an OLED multifunction display, 100w PD power-bank function, forced-air cooling, 32 CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs, 8 modes. It can even run continuously at 80 lumens for 345 hours(14+ days!)

Due to heat limitations, the MS32 can only maintain max output for a short time before throttling back to 40,000 lumens(still mindblowing.)

At almost 7 lbs, this light canon virtually requires a shoulder strap(included) and sunglasses! It shares the same chassis as the SR32 but doesn’t throw quite as far. However, there is no denying the epic 80,000-lumen advantage!

Since at least 2017, Imalent has made it their mission to keep the title of brightest flashlight in the world. Occasionally Acebeam has nipped at their heels, but for the most part, Imalent has achieved that goal.

The MS32 was released in late 2023 and represents the largest leap forward in lumen output in 3 years.

2nd Brightest Large Flashlight: Imalent SR32

Imalent SR32 Beamshot
  • Price: ~$680(Check latest price)
  • Output: 120000lm(turbo), 25,000lm(sustained)
  • Range: 2030 meters(lab rating)
  • Weight: 2.16kg (4.8lb)

The 120,000-lumen SR32 Imalent held the title of world’s brightest flashlight for a few months. At the time Imalent claimed the The SR32 offered a 20,000 lumen improvement over its predecessor but independent lab tests put it closer its predecessor the MS18(reviewed here).

One of the SR32’s main advantages over the its predecessor is the SR32’s dramatically increased throw. It is ANSI lab-rated to throw a beam downrange 2 km(1.25 mi)! Generally, I reduce lab ratings by at least half for a rough estimate of the “usable light” to the human eye. But still, that’s impressive!

The SR32 features USB mobile power bank functionality(100-watt fast charging), OLED display, forced air cooling, and a detachable handle.

At over 2kg(4.4lbs), it’s definitely a BIG flashlight! Thankfully, the Imalent SR32 ships with a shoulder strap. Despite the huge battery bank it only takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

Imalent SR32

Brightest Medium Flashlight:  Imalent MS12 Mini

Imalent MS12 Mini
  • Price: ~$400(Check latest price)
  • Output: 65,000 lumens(Turbo), 13,000 lumens(sustained)
  • Range: 1036m (3400ft)
  • Weight: 787g (1.7lb)

In early 2022 the 65,000 lumen Imalent MS12 Mini was released knocking the ACEBEAM X50 2.0 (45,000lm) to the second brightest flashlight in the medium category.

The MS12 Mini can deploy a 45-second turbo burst up to 65,000 lumens before throttling back for a sustained 13,000 lumens for 45 minutes.

It ships with 4 high-drain lithium 21700 batteries, and on paper, this flashlight can throw a beam downrange about 1km. However, as a rule of thumb, I count about half of whatever the flashlight’s lab-rated specs say(so 500 meters).

MS12 mini beamshot

13,000 lumens is roughly equivalent to 4 sets of care headlights on high beam! Impressive.

Brightest Tactical Flashlight:  Nitecore TM20K

  • Price: ~$300(Check latest price)
  • Output: 20,000lm(Turbo), ~1,000lm (sustained)
  • Range: 290m (317yds)
  • Weight: 422g (14.9 oz)

The “TM” in the Nitecore TM20K, stands for “Tiny Monster.” It is indeed! Nitecore re-asserted their dominance in tactical flashlight category by crushing their own 9000 lumen TM9K.

I should point out that the TM20k’s massive output is only for a short time due to heat and heavy battery discharge.

Nitecore was able to cram 2 high-drain 21700 batteries into slim profile. TM20K is a refreshingly unique design boasting multi-tail switch control, epic power, and up to 13 hours of endurance on low. Nitecore makes premium professional-grade flashlights so you’ll be paying around 300 bucks for this puppy.

This flashlight has won a 2022 Reddot design award. It’s a beautiful and original-looking flashlight that is ideal for law enforcement.

Brightest EDC Flashlight: Imalent MS03

brightest EDC flashlight
Imalent MS03(Amazon)
  • Price: ~$130(Check latest price)
  • Output: 13,000lm(Turbo), ~2000lm (sustained)
  • Range: 324m (354yds)
  • Weight: 187g (6.6 oz)

Imalent released the MS-03 about three years ago and so far no one has produced anything to rival its 13,000 lumens and 324 meters of throw.

This little flashlight packs a massive wallop with 4 times more light than a set of car headlights!

Here’s my complete review of the MS03.

The Imalent MS03 is able to crank out this massive amount of light by utilizing a high-drain 21700 battery driving three 2nd-generation American CREE XHP70 LEDs.

Brightest Mini Flashlight: Imalent LD70 and Nitecore T4K

See my full review of the LD70 here

It’s pure witchcraft. I don’t know how else it is possible to flog 4000 lumens from such a tiny flashlights. These tiny monsters outperform flashlights way above their weight class.

Both the Imalent LD70 and Nitecore T4K are tied for the brightest mini flashlight category with 4000 lumens. Independent testing of these flashlights give numbers slightly less 4000 lumens, nonetheless, these flashlights are evenly matched for the top spot.

While the LD70 and T4K are closely matched in terms of size and performance, they are distinct in many regards. The T4K is wider, more expensive, and has dual top-button controls while the LD70 has a single tail button and is charged via an included magnetic USB cable as opposed to USB-C on the T4K. (See the table below.)

Nitecore T4K
Imalent LD70
Price~$90(check price)~$60(check price)
Output(turbo)4000 lumens4000 lumens
Max runtime67hrs @ 1 lumen15hrs @ 20 lumens
Length, Weight82mm,77grams81mm, 87grams
Multifunction displayyesyes
ChargingUSB-CUSB magnetic
WaterproofnessNo IP54(dust)Yes (submersible 2m)

Brightest Headlamp: ACEBEAM H30

ACEBEAM H30 beamshot

  • Price: ~$140(Check latest price)
  • Output: 4000lm(Turbo), ~1100 lm(sustained)
  • Range: 171m (187yds)
  • Weight: 190g (6.7 oz)

See my full review of the ACBEAM H30 Here.

The 4000-lumen Acebeam H30 is a true lumen monster. The only other headlamp that comes close is the Army Tech Wizard C2 Promax(Amazon link) which delivers a little less than its claimed lumens. The ACEBEAM H30 has two secondary LEDs available in multiple combinations(red, green, UV, CR90+).

This headlamp is USB-C rechargeable and also doubles as a mobile power bank which is handy for camping trips.

Pro tip: Don’t look at your friends when this thing is on high or you’ll burn their corneas out.


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  1. You should consider adding the olight S1R II it is 1000 lumens out of the box. Individual reviewers have gotten over 1200 lumens at startup its rechargeable with the battery in the light with built in battery indicator. It’s so powerful it can burn dark materials at close range!

  2. For a small light the TK16 is amazing. It absolutely blows away every other similar light in terms of output and options. Triple LED and a choice of 3 great emitters – Cree for high lumens, Luminous for a nice warm tint and Osram for throw. Definitely the best choice in 2019 for a 16350 flashlight.

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