Imalent LD70 Mini Flashlight: Brighter Than Car Headlights!

4.0 rating

The Imalent LD70 is the brightest mini-EDC flashlight available in 2020. It’s about the size of a roll of quarters but delivers a whopping turbo burst of 4000 lumens. By comparison, regular high-beams on a car produce 3000 lumens.

The LD70 measures only about 3 inches long (81mm) and is operated via a pushbutton tail switch. Just ahead of the tail switch is an OLED multi-display for indicating battery/charge status as well as the current mode.

The LD70’s internal lithium battery is recharged via a USB cable which snaps magnetically to two charging posts at the rear of the flashlight.


Imalent LD70 color options

Imalent lists the LD70 currently at 59.95, but they’ve offered my readers 10% off using promo Code: WELLRIGGED850

The LD70 is available in 4 colors. It is one of the best values out there on a dollar/lumen basis especially for a flashlight this size.

Beam Shots

Imalent LD70 Beamshot


Imalent LD70(4000 lumens)
Honda Accord headlights
Honda Accord Headlights (high beams ~3000 lumens)

Beam Characteristics

Imalent LD70 beam profile

The Imalent LD70’s beam is very floody which makes it ideal for night walks, and task lighting around the camp at night.


Imalent LD70 beam throw in woods

On turbo the beam can still reach out 200 meters

First Impressions: Imalent LD70

The LD70 looks like a mini-silencer mounted to a gun barrel

The “tactical’ styling is unmistakeable. The main chassis of the LD70 is armored by a secondary slotted aluminum shroud. While it may be possible to separate the two I couldn’t seem to find a way to do it.

Of course the LD70 claim to fame is that it punches way above its weight-class. This thing outshines car headlights and makes police flashlights blush.

The overall quality is quite good, and usability is excellent. I do wish the magnetic charger snapped more securely in place.


  • Brightest Mini Flashlight of 2020 (see the list)
  • Even, floody optics
  • Simple Operation
  • Magnetic charging cable is convenient
  • Safety Lockout


  • Built-in battery
  • Gets hot quickly on turbo
  • Don’t loose the magnetic USB cable

Build Quality

This is a solid hunk of light. The anodized coating is smooth and even. The aluminum body, style venting, and brand embossing are well-finished with no sharp edges.

This little flashlight is very robust and well built. I have no gripes in this department.

Imalent LD 70 Specs

  • 6 Output Levels (20/200/900/2000/4000 lumens)
  • Tactical Strobe
  • Beam Throw: 203m
  • Max Runtime: 15hrs @ 20 lumens
  • Battery: Built-in 18350 lithium
  • Charge time: 1h30m
  • Magnetic quick-connect USB charging
  • Tail-button operation
  • Backlit OLED display: mode/battery status

  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 1 inches
  • Weight : 3oz(87g)
  • Body: Type III anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Reflector: “Orange peel”
  • Lens: Toughed mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
  • IPX-8 submersible– 2 meters
  • Safety: Lockout against accidental activation and intelligent thermal control circuitry
  • Lanyard included

Safety Lockout: Important!

The Imalent LD70 is a very powerful little flashlight that is capable of light fires or burning you. It can get hot very quickly in Turbo mode. So, the first thing you should learn is how to activate the safety lockout-especially if you have kids around.

I found it is very easy to accidentally bump the LD70’s tail button when it was in my pocket. It happened to me few times. I didn’t light my pants on fire, but I learned my lesson. I always lockout this flashlight before putting it in my pocket.

To activate the safety lockout just click the tail button 4 times quickly while the light is off. Repeat the procedure to unlock. A locked/unlocked padlock icon will appear on the OLED to verify your selection.

Output Levels Explained

Imalent LD70 output chart

The chart above shows the LD70’s various output levels.

One thing to note is that while the LD70 can crank out 4000 lumens, it can only maintain that output for about a minute. This is due to the massive amount of heat developed and the high current drain on the battery.

In practice you can expect a sustained 900 lumens from the LD70.

If you are looking for a flashlight that can sustain 4000 lumens then you’ll need to step up to the larger Imalent MS06(Amazon). It can throw 4000 lumens downrange 500 meters for an hour and twenty minutes and deliver 25,000 lumens on turbo!


A single tap turns the light on.

Press and hold the button to cycle from lowest to highest output mode.

Double tap for turbo(4000 lumens)

The LD70 will remember which mode you used last before turning off. When you turn it back on it will return to the same mode(except turbo.)

Tactical Strobe

Double-tapping while in turbo mode unleashes a blinding 4000 lumen tactical strobe, enough light to seriously impair a would-be assailant. The flashlight fits nicely in your fist for an improved strike. If a self-defense situation is required the old roll of quarters in the fist will vastly improve your punching ability.

OLED Display

The backlit OLED display is very handy feature for monitering battery life, charging and mode selection. I don’t know of another mini flashlight with a multifunction display like this.

Even much more expensive flashlights force you to interpret flashing LEDs for battery life, modes…etc. The OLED display is very easy to read and understand.

LED and Lens

The LD70 utilizes a powerful second-gen XHP-70.2 Cree LED made in America. This is the same LED used for the brightest flashlights in other categories.

The XHP 70, “orange-peel” style reflector and hardened mineral glass lens combine for a very floody, even cool-white light.

I like the blue-trimmed bezel. It contrasts nicely and is a good added detail. A lot of thought went into the styling of this little flashlight.


Charging the internal 18350 lithium battery takes about 1.5hrs. The OLED display will indicate the state of charge for you.

I find the magnets on the charging cable isn’t quite strong enough to perfectly line up the contacts on their own. I’ve often had to slightly realign the contacts.

While the magnetic charging cable is very convenient, it is also proprietary.

If you lose the original, you can’t just replace it with any old USB cable. Neither can you remove and charge the battery separately. However, if you do lose it you can always order a new cable from Imalent for about $9.


The LD70 ships with a decent Imalent branded lanyard that is adjustable via a friction button. I take a size large glove and could get it but it was close. If you take an XL-size glove you probably won’t be able to get the lanyard on.

While the LD70 is too big to be a keychain light, it is still very light(3oz/83g.) You can clutch it in your palm and secure it to your wrist via the lanyard for your night walks or jogs.


Imalent LD 70 4000 lumens

The next time you are out for a night walk and a careless driver blinds you with their high beams, give them a “friendly reminder” with the LD70 by obliterating them for a split second of blissful payback. Then chuckle to yourself as they pass you wondering, “What the heck was that?!”

In my opinion, this is the ultimate “sleeper flashlight.” No one would ever guess that this tiny thing could unleash such a megalithic light-storm. I’m a fan of understated quality and power.

Beyond the LD70’s insane power I really like this flashlights OLED multi-display, unique styling, and magnetic quick-connect charging system.

These are premium features I wouldn’t expect in a $60 flashlight.

The Imalent LD70 is proof that you can’t judge a flashlight’s power by its size anymore.

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