5 Best Knife Warranties

Knife shopping and wondering where to start?  This is the short-list of the very best knife warranties in the world from well-respected companies.  This includes all types of cutlery from kitchen to hunting knives.

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I’ve ranked each company according to how comprehensive their written lifetime warranties are.  You’ll find that a few are as good as insurance policies including breakage replacement!

There are many excellent knife companies that are not on this list.  I am not saying that there are not better knives out there.  I’m saying every single company on this list produces legacy knives with the very best warranties out there.

Custom/Limited-run Knives are Not Included.

Due to limited availability , custom knife/limited-run knives are not included in this list.

If they were, I would certainly have included Busse Knives at the top of this list who’s warranty says,

“Our blades are guaranteed for life against any and all unintentional MAJOR damage..Busse Knife Group encourages extreme usage of our blades…use a Busse Knife Group blade as hard as you like and our warranty has you covered.”   

TIP:  If your up  for the $600+ price tag and 6-32 weeks of waiting,  get the Trough Raider with which you may slay a dragon with ease.

Best Knife Warranties

5. Tie:  KA-BAR / Benchmade

These two legacy knife makers offer almost identical warranties.  At this level there are several companies with similar warranties like Kershaw and Spyderco.  However, when push comes to shove it comes down to quality and a solid track record.  This is where KA-BAR and Benchmade outshine the rest.

Both of these companies offer limited lifetime warranties. Meaning, their knives are guaranteed against defects and failure under normal use for the life of the original purchaser. So, if you don’t treat these knives like a caveman you’re good for life.


This company has a long history (1898) especially in relation to the armed forces.  To say they’re a legend is an understatement.  KA-BAR supplied the USMC in WW2 with perhaps the most well known knife on the planet: The USMC KA-BAR.  In fact when someone says “KA-BAR” most think of this knife, not the actual brand.  Another well known knife among survivalists is their Becker BK2.


Benchmade has been making a name for itself over the past few decades and developed a huge fan-base.  They often employ super-steels in their blades like CPM-20CV which offers incredible edge retention with great corrosion resistance.

Benchmade has a cool perks program called “Life Sharp.”  Send your Benchmade in and they’ll do a full tear down, lubrication and  sharpening.  Then they’ll send your knife back razor sharp and ready to go.  Sweet!

Benchmade’s most well known knife is the wildly popular Griptilian.  Its a high quality folder with unique locking mechanism on the side of the handle forward of the grip.  Left or right handed? doesn’t matter. Its available in multiple color, grip and blade steel options.  Perfect for a reliable pocket knife.   

You can get the latest pricing of the Griptillian here.

4. Buck Knives

When I say, “hunting knife” you say, “Buck.” If you don’t know that name, you don’t know knives. 

Buck has been producing fine knives since 1902. Obviously a company doesn’t last that long unless its got character and quality.  Its a true full-blooded Mom & Pop American company with a cult-like following.

Some might be surprised that I only ranked Buck 4th in the top 5. But, remember, even making the list is awesome.

Buck Knives have one of the best warranties. However, their “Forever Warranty?” Well, it ain’t forever.

“We warranty each and every Buck knife to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the knife, and we will repair or replace with a new Buck knife, at our option, any Buck knife that is defective.”

What does “life of the knife” mean? That kind of slippery language is popping up in more and more “lifetime warranties.”

Oh, Buck… C’mon Buck!!  That’s not “forever!”  Thats an undefined period of time that no one really knows except Buck Knives.  – 1 Point 

Perhaps old Buck is getting long in the tooth?  Never fear, they do make great knives and there is a silver lining.  Check this out:

“If your knife was damaged… and… If the knife is unable to be repaired, we will extend a one- time courtesy offer, allowing you the option to purchase a new knife for 50% off of our MSRP price”

Good on ya Buck!  You’re back in my good graces.  Keep cranking out the legends!  Oh  and maybe shore up the wording on your warranty so it’s more “Forever-ish”

Legacy Knife:  Buck 110 Folding Hunter

In 1964 the hunting world was introduced to the Buck 110 and within six months America fell in love with it.  With a large, rugged and folding lock-blade, it meant hunters and outdoorsmen didn’t have to lug a full sized fixed blade.

The Buck 110 features 420 HC steel blade with a very pointy “clip” profile.  Let’s just say, piercing things is its specialty.  The knife measures 4 7/8″ when closed and is available in many variations of trim wood handles. A black leather sheath is included.  Oh and one other thing…if you buy one, you’re buying a genuine piece of American history.

You can check current pricing on Amazon here.

3. Cutco:

Ah..Cutco.  These are the guys who have sold kitchen knives door to door since the 60’s.  Quick! pull the shades its the Cutco guy!

In all seriousness, Cutco has an industry leading warrantee even if you’re not that into the sales model.  Here’s part of their “Forever Guarantee:” 

“If at any time you are not satisfied with the performance of your Cutco product we’ll make it right. Whether you made the initial purchase or you received Cutco as a gift, it’s our guarantee that your Cutco products will perform like new. Forever.”

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence for Cutco’s excellent warranty service.  They are known to take care of knives that have been passed down over generations.

Similar to Buck, they don’t cover abuse or purposeful breakage.  However they do offer a true lifetime warranty not just “lifetime of the product” what ever that malarky means.  Yeesh!  (Sorry, Buck. I’m still holding a grudge.)

Cutco also offers 1/2 price replacements of abused/damaged knives.

Legacy Knife: Cutco 7-5/8″ Petite Chef Knife

A manageable size, full tang well crafted chef knife.  This is the go to knife from the Cutco lineup. As a mainstay this knife has been around for a loooong time!

Due its popularity, it’s often the first kitchen knife folks buy from Cutco and some have used them for over 40 years.  No kidding, this is a legacy knife.  Make sure to include it in your will cause it will outlast you for sure.

You can check the latest price on Amazon here.


2. A. G. Russell

This is another all-American Mom & Pop establishment with a very down to earth feel about them.  With the passing the the A. G. Russell we lost the elder statesmen of the knife industry.

A.G Russell still produces and retails a huge number of top quality knives from various companies and custom knife craftsmen.

They definitely up the ante with the following warrantee statement:

“We guarantee total satisfaction. You, the customer, decide what satisfaction is. You decide how long you are entitled to be satisfied.   If you buy a knife and don’t use it for ten years and when you do use it you want to return it, do so. If you think that a knife should provide good service for ten years and it only does so for seven years, tell us so. You are in charge of our guarantee.” -A. G. Russell

K-93 Featherlight One Hand Knife
K-93 Featherlight One Hand Knife

Now we’re talking!  These warranties are getting good!

Just remember, companies like this are counting on the honesty of their good clients.  If we want these companies around, let’s not abuse the honour system.

Since A. G. Russell offers coverage on such a huge array of quality knives (many of which they don’t even make themselves) they deserves number 4 on the list of best knife warranties.  You can check out their website here.

Buying Tip: A.G Russell offers kitchen knives too (So Cutco isn’t your only option for that on this list) They also offer better warranties than most of their brand suppliers(Leatherman, SOG etc.) So it makes sense to buy through A. G. Russell first if you can. Just check their site for the brand you’re after. (No, I don’t get a commission for that plug)

Legacy Knife: K 93 Feather Lite

K-93 locking mechanism
K-93 locking mechanism

Its now 25 years old and the late A. G. Russell said it’s the most popular knife he ever designed.  The K 93 measures 7″ open and only weighs 1.5 ounces.  How this is possible I have know idea!  The blade is made from hollow grind VG-10 or 8A steel.

Of course the unique feature of the K-93 is its one handed open and closing function.  It’s a very quick draw…as in Bam! “What’s that shiny thing in my face?”

The locking mechanism is located on the spine but forward of the hand grip. (See A. G. Russell’s demo below)   You can find the K93 Featherlite here


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the big time! Topping the best knife warranties list is ESEE Knives.  ESEE trounces all the others by a long shot.

They produce, what is widely considered to be among the best outdoor survival and hunting knives in the world.  Most respectable reviewers include an ESEE knife in the top 3.  Beyond that, their warranty is practically unheard of.

ESEE you are my hero!  Well-Rigged solutes you for having one of the most insane warrantees I have ever come across.

Here’s it is:


“This means if you break it, we will repair or replace it. We will not question the validity of your warranty claim for a broken knife. Warranty is lifetime and transferable. In other words, we warranty the knife no matter how many times it’s been traded, sold or given away – no sales receipt or proof of purchase required. We must have the knife returned to validate a warranty claim.”

Are you a fan yet?  I am!  I don’t know any other company besides custom knife makers who offer a warranty like this.

Legacy Knife: ESEE 6

Do you wish to capture and behead a wild buffalo? Perhaps you would like to make a door where there was no door?  Whatever you’re insane imagination desires..your best bet is to do it with the ESEE 6.

The ESEE 6 is a benchmark knife in the survival/tactical category.  As a result, its also the one you’ll see reviewers consistently placing in the top 3.  The KABAR Becker BK2  and the USMC KABAR are often the others.  The ESSE 6 blade is a powder coated 1095 HC flat grind.  The knife itself is almost a foot long(11.75″) and can be had in a number of colour variations.

Besides being at the top of the survival knife pile, you’ll have a knife what will withstand incredible abuse and even if you break it, well no worries.  You’ll get a new one from ESEE!  Love it.

Check out my full in-depth review of the ESEE 6 including a hands on video.

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