3 Legendary Super Tough Boots

Super Tough Boots

It’s been said, “Don’t go cheap on products that separate you from the ground.”  In other words don’t skimp on: shoes, tires, mattresses, couches, chairs, decks, ladders etc.. That makes a lot of sense I think.  So, today I’d like to introduce you to some super tough boots that you’ll never regret buying.

Don’t trust anyone that claims they’ve found the “best boot ever.” That’s just pure marketing click-bait.   It’s virtually impossible to qualify or prove  such a claim.

My goal here isn’t to say these are the ‘best boots” ever, but in keeping with WellRigged style I want to introduce you to three all-stars.  You’ll be looking at highly respected, time proven boots that have gained huge followings for their rugged durability.

Time and abuse tends to sift durable products out from all the mass produced junk.  Legendary products aren’t born overnight.   This is one of the primary criteria I use when recommending durable products here at wellrigged.com.

By way of introduction, each model of boot below:

  • Come from very highly respected brands known for quality and durability.
  • Are American Made(a confidence builder but admittedly no perfect guarantee of quality)
  • Can be re-soled multiple times(Goodyear Welts)
  • Have been produced for a long time (indicating customer loyalty, satisfaction and longevity)
  • Have strong longterm testimonial evidence speaking to decades of consistent use and durability.
  • A very high ratio of “5 star to 1 star” ratio on amazon.
  • Large loyal customer base


Given the huge array of boot options out there it was not easy to sift these three pairs of boots out.  I’m very thankful for the folks over at the the subreddit BuyItForLife.  They’re truly a wealth of information for quality conscious folks.  Head on over there if your looking for unbiased advice on quality purchases.

So here they are:

Danner  Acadia/Recon

Current Amazon Pricing

Danner is a highly respected heavy hitter in the world of boots.  They are well known for their extreme durability and  offer a large range of  super-tough footwear.  They are a major supplier of boots to the various branches of the military and US Marine Corps.

Originally designed for Law enforcement, these things have been standard issue for PD’s for decades.  Instead of replacing them when the soles wear out, Police Departments often send them away to Danner to get resoled multiple times before they even need to think about finally replacing them.

Outdoorsmen also latched on to them. The Acadia has impressive waterproof characteristics due to its inner Goretex lining.  Water over the laces? No problem.  No leaks.

Available only in black, the Acadia is offered with different levels of insulation depending on your climate and preferences.  The Recon is exactly the same boot except that is has full leather uppers instead of the breathable areas found on the Acadias.

A huge fan base of patrol officers swear by the incredible comfort these boots afford even after pounding hot pavement all day on the beat.  Hikers and outdoorsmen appreciate the waterproof comfort as well.

These are definitely a pro-grade boot and you’ll pay for it, but you won’t regret being the owner of one of the finest and most rugged boots mankind has ever built!

Amazon price check: Danner Acadia, Danner Recon

Redwing Classic Iron Rangers

Redwing Iron Rangers. Current Amazon Pricing

Redwing has gained some criticism recently for outsourcing quite a bit of their line causing their excellent reputation for quality to be tarnished a bit.

Fear not, Redwing has continues to hand build their heritage line of boots in the USA including the beautiful and highly regarded Iron Rangers.

The Iron Rangers go way back to the 1800s when Redwing designed them for the Iron miners in Minnesota.   They’ve been around ever since and that’s for a darn good reason!  That kind of legacy shouts quality.

I think the Redwing Iron Rangers are the nicest looking boots of the three.  They’re available in 6 leather variations and feature a double layered toe, triple stitching, tough Vibram sole and plenty of character to go with it.  You could walk off the worksite right into a board room with these guys!

Iron Rangers are still one of Redwing’s best sellers.  After a century-long cult following I don’t think you can go wrong.  And the legend continues…

Amazon Price Check: Redwing Iron Rangers

Thorogood American Heritage 6″ Steel-Toe Work Boot

Get Amazon Pricing

Thorogood definitely is a disruptive company in super-tough boot sector.  They manage to produce excellent quality boots while seriously under-cutting Danner and Redwing.

In the many hours I spent researching this piece I kept coming across stories and testimonials of Thorogood’s Heritage line of boots and specifically their Wedge Sole work boots.  As with Danner and Redwing, Thorogood does outsource some of their boots, so be sure to look at their “Heritage” line which are made in the USA to much higher standards.

Aside from their much better price point, Thorogood’s Wedge Sole offers the choice of several color options. They’re praised for having virtually no break in period and are comfy right out of the gate.  A huge number of folks that where these are return customers.  Keep in mind these boots are goodyear -welted meaning that you can get them re-soled and refurbished.  No need to replace them.  Good year welt boots usually do not come in at this price point, so that’s a major plus.

You’ll find these boots to be fully safety rated with steel toes an composite shanks for underfoot protection.  The Vibram soles are grippy and comfortable for a long days work.  Honestly, they put most $300-$400 boots to shame.

Go Thorogood!

Amazon Price Check: Thorogood Heritage 6″ Moc Toe

For more similarly rugged footwear consider White’s or Nicks.

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