Refined & Rugged: The Baurdi Apex Wallet

(Edit July 2019) The Baurdi Apex was recently discontinued.

Instead consider the Admiral which is identical but a little smaller(less two card slots). 

Baurdi Admiral: a smaller version of the Apex

My Basset hound ate my wallet.  No really!  I trained him to find my wallet in exchange for a treat.  It worked brilliantly at first and it was a great party trick too.   

Interestingly, the very day Baurdi sent me their Apex wallet to do this review, Oliver decided to eat my old wallet.   It’s like he knew his gig was up.  Darn hound dog!

Who cares anyway, my old wallet was pretty much crap.  I’m just glad the Baurdi Apex arrived in time for me to remove my credit cards from the old one before my pooch went ape on it.

A while back I wrote an in depth article entitled How to Choose a Wallet that Will Last Forever.

In it I also recommended a number of durable wallets. The Baurdi Apex was one of them and I got a large amount of interest in it from you, my readers.

I liked it soo, So I reached out to Baurdi so i could review it those of you who are interested in it.

The Baurdi Apex Specs at a Glance

  • Italian Full Grain Leather
  • Bi-fold
  • Masculine Cut-Edge Design
  • Rugged construction
  • 6 Card slots(you fit up to 2-3 cards in each)
  • One compartment for money
  • Dimensions(closed): 4.3 inches(11 cm) X 3.5 inches (8.9 cm)

Price: $60


  • Comes in a Baurdi monogramed gift box and cloth sleeve
  • Very versatile look from black-tie dinners to construction sites
  • Slim yet capable of accepting a lot of cards if necessary
  • Street cred of carrying a genuine Italian Leather Wallet
  • Full Grain Leather(best grade of leather) develops a rich patina over time
  • Heavy duty white nylon stitching(8 stitches/inch) and backstitched for maximum durability.
  • Very reasonably priced for the quality(Price check it here)


  • You can bulk it up quickly if you load it with too many cards, so be careful
  • Won’t take wads of cash before being broken in
  • No RFID protection


Who needs gift wrapping?

If your planning on gifting this wallet don’t even bother wrapping it. The box will do just fine.  When I pulled it out the envelope and saw it, I had the sense I was holding something special.

It’s the details that matter. The box is nicely monogramed with the Baurdi “B.”  Opening it revealed  another monogramed cloth that envelopes the Apex wallet.

The folks over at Baurdi also threw in their Chaufeur leather key chains.  Very nice.

Hat’s off to Baurdi for teasing the anticipation factor.  It makes the whole experience feel extra special as you slide the Apex out of its cloth sleeve. It’s clearly packaged to be a gift. I give Baurdi an A+ for presentation. 

Design & Layout

The Apex is an eye catching wallet, and I can see why so many of you have shown interest in it.

The Apex is a bi-fold design its layout is simple.  It follows all the rules a well built, full grain leather wallet. It is constructed by stacking the leather and stitching the layers and pockets together. Each layer is built on the layer under it, kind of like an apartment building is constructed.

The wallet is stitched together with a durable white bonded nylon thread.  Then the Apex is backstitched which is a reinforcement technique used by craftsmen to permanently and definitively join leather.

Unlike cheap wallets, there are no cloth liners or dividers.  Everything is full grain leather through and through.

The money compartment is forgiving and can take 15-20 bills.

The Looks

The Baurdi Apex features an understated  Baudi “B” Monogram as well as an embossed “Baurdi” script on the inside right card holder.

I like that the embossing is not burned in or a different colour than the wallet itself.  I like understated details.

On the other hand the white stitching is far from understated.  I think it’s actually the bold white stitching makes this wallet pop.  Without it, it’s just another boring brown wallet.  Its amazing what a little contrast can do.

The Leather

If you’re wondering what’s so great about full grain leather check out this article.  Italy, in general, is well known for producing some of the finest vegetable tanned leathers in the world.

The darker leather of the Baurdi Apex is produced by infusing it with aniline dyes and natural oils.  Its called “pulled leather” because when the leather is broken in (stretched or pulled) it pulls the lighter original color back up to the surface of the wallet.

Because of this, you can anticipate the Apex to develop lots of character with age.  Along with developing a pulled leather look, it will also evolve a rich patina which is unique only to full grain leathers.

My Impressions

I took the Apex with me on a recent trip to Benin, Africa. I decided not to use for two reasons: I like it to much and didn’t wanted to loose it in a mugging while in the city.  Secondly, Benin is cash society and traveling there meant carrying a lot of bills…to many to fit in a wallet.

I can’t really fault the Apex for those things and since returning I have found it quite good.

Great Looks

Most cut edge wallets look so rustic they should belong to some guy named Oil Rig Harry.  The Apex manages to pull off the cut edge while staying refined enough for dinner with CEOs.

By the way, stepping up to a proper turned-edge, full grain wallet is a $100+ proposition and it’s no more durable.

Way More Storage Than You Think

You can keep this wallet nice and thin if you want. But let’s be real, you’ve got more than six cards.  The leather easily stretches to accommodate three cards in each slot for pack rats like me.

Affordable Quality gift

At only $60 it’s definitely a quality gift that doesn’t break the bank.  It hits the sweet spot that says, “Hey Dad, I’m not a cheapskate and I value you.”  Plus, it’s great for the gift-wrapping challenged person.  (Check latest pricing)

Super Durable

The Baurdi Apex wouldn’t be here on if it didn’t last forever.  They’ll be prying this wallet out of your cold, dead hands cause it’ll last longer than you will.  The good news is the Apex will just keep looking better with time, unlike you.  Oh well…

Consider Buying the Apex if..

  • you’re looking for a more refined look without loosing your masculinity
  • you like tough durable stuff
  • you like to be unique without looking desperate for attention
  • you need a decent wallet storage

Skip it If..

  • You’re more of minimalist(consider the Baurdi Admiral or Agent instead)
  • You simply must have RFID protection
  • You want more options like an I.D. window, cash divider
  • You’d rather not have a wallet that develops a classic, aged look

Discloser: I am not sponsored by Baurdi, nor do I receive commissions on sales if you decide to buy this wallet.  I do get commissions with many of my other article recommendations, but as I always say, “I only recommend the best and most durable products whether or not I get a referral commission.”  Trust is worth more than money.

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