Best Money Belt Ever!!

Go ahead and scour the internet. No one even touches the quality and workmanship of Yoder Leather’s hidden money belts. Yoder is the first company to actually do it right. They make the best money belt on the market period.

What is a money belt?

Its your second wallet that no-one knows about.  The inside of the belt zips open to reveal a hidden compartment where you can stash important stuff. Think: memory chips, bills and other important documents(folded).

Money belt vs. Other concealment methods.

Hippo Hide money belt by Yoder Leather

Belts are already an item everyone wears.  You don’t have to think about carrying something extra.

Really, who steals a belt?

If you forget your wallet, get stranded, or robbed you’ve always got $100 in your belt to get you out of a pinch.  Its an every day carry item.  In fact its so ordinary you might even forget you have it on you.

Other concealment methods, like pouches and leg straps may be able to carry more, but they’re much more discoverable, more uncomfortable and often cause sweat patches wherever they are on your person.

About Yoder Leather Company

Yoder is an Amish leather company that hand makes everything. Amish quality is legendary.  They don’t just make the best money belt, they make all kinds of high quality leather goods. Head over and check out Yoder Leather’s website.  Their money belts range from under $75 to over $200 for the fancier ones.

Yoder stands behind their products and I’ve seen glowing reviews from happy customers who have had their belts replaced with brand new ones if they had any issues.  These are the type of companies that deserve our business.

Why Yoder makes the Best Money Belt.

In a word: quality.  Amazon only has a few sub $20 canvas style money belts with plastic buckles.  Those buckles are real weak points.  They often break within a year for folks who wear them every day. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Your better than that.  Don’t fall for the  other “leather” versions  either. They’re bonded leather junk and will only last a year or two according to plenty of reviewers.

Shark Black Money Belt
Shark Skin Money belt by Yoder Leather

Even Yoder’s cheapest belts are made in the USA with thick high grade English Bridle Leather.  The buckles are changeable as well which is a nice option for customizing.  On the pricier side they have exotic leathers like Elephant, Hippo, Ostrich and Shark skin.  C’mon, what’s badder than a bonafied shark skin leather money belt?!


The belts are 1.5 inches wide.  Belts with 20 inch openings hold $1800(18x$100). Belts with 25 inch openings hold $2400(24x$100).  Its only 5$ more to upgrade to 25 inches.  I think it’s worth it.


Money Belt Zipper
Image: Curtesy of

I’d put a tiny ziplocked micro-sd card in there with your critical info like phone numbers, passwords, scan of your passport, insurance agents, travel agents, lawyers etc so no matter where you are, you could pop it in a computer or smartphone and take care of urgent matters.

Get a leatherman wave for that belt too and you’d have one heck of a combination to tackle pretty much anything on the fly.


Everyone needs a belt. Not only are these rugged belts, they serve a very useful hidden purpose for your travels and every day needs without compromising style.  I love that you don’t have to consciously remember an extra item when you head out the door.  Its just always there.  Amazon has an awesome price on Yoder’s entry level money belt.  You can check it out here.

As most of you know is devoted to equipping guys with proper gear.  Yoder belts are awesome as is, but they also make the best money belt on the market hands down.




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