How To Buy Quality Products For Way Less on Amazon

With a touch of delayed gratification it’s totally possible to save a ton of cash on most of your high quality Amazon purchases. 

Thanks to a number of groundbreaking Amazon price alert tools it’s now possible to snipe incredible deals on premium products like never before. 

So, take heart, buying a top quality product can cost way less than you think.

We all know that durable, well-built products very often pay for themselves over the long run. The problem is that it can hurts the wallet initially. is devoted to the most durable, well built products on earth, so if you’re a quality conscious buyer: I feel your pain.

So, I thought I’d share this simple, yet genius way to get really amazing deals on Amazon.

How Do Amazon Price Alert Tools Work?

Stock traders use price alerts on their phones so they can buy and sell their stocks at the perfect moment.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot. Credit:

Amazon price alert tools work in a very similar way. They provide target shoppers with historic Amazon price data for most items available.   That information is like gold because you can get an informed picture of how low you can expect prices to go on Amazon.  It’s very eye-opening.

For instance, last night I got an email alert that the legendary Wolverine 1000 mile boots  just dropped below $260. According to the price history graph, that’s the lowest price this year. Sweet!  It’s the perfect time to snipe a buy it for life quality boot.

The graph also shows that they went on sale last year around this time and that it won’t last long. See below:

Suddenly Amazon feels a lot more like a stock market!  In many ways it is. That’s because it’s a massive marketplace and supply and demand really does affect pricing.

Amazon doesn’t offer an in-house price alert tool.  However, there are some great (free)third party price alert tools that can minimize or even erase the price difference between a mediocre product and a top quality one.

A Quick Example

Out Of Print Books: Amazon prices are wild in this sector.   

I bought an out-of-print biography of an African pastor a few years back(a good read by the way.)  I spent hours and hours trying to find a reasonable price and finally had to settle for a ratty second hand one. 

If I’d had a price alert tool I could have sniped a brand new copy for $50 rather than the $160 average price point.

Price fluctuation over 1 year: $49.99-$184.10



The Advantages are Huge

  • A major time saver!
  • No need for coupon/promo code hunting
  • No need to scour the internet for better deals(it would be very hard to find better deals)
  • No need to worry that you might miss the big sale
  • You can set price alerts on literally scores of items without losing track or missing a sale.
  • You only get alerts on items you want at the price I want.  No spam.
  • The holy grail of sale alerts for the patient target shopper
  •  Most of All…the sales come to you automatically.  Just set it and forget it

The Tools I Recommend

There are two decent options when it comes to Amazon Price Alert tools: or

Keepa is definitely a more powerful tool, but it’s more complicated. offers similar capabilities while remaining very simple and easy to understand.

So, if your a hyper-analyst then check out, but for the rest of us is the way to go.

(Edit: While I like 3Camel’s interface more, I’ve been experiencing  disappointing amount of “no data” errors lately so I’d recommend using Keepa until further notice)  Yeah,  it’s a bit of a dumb name, but it really works quite well.   


  • You can import your Amazon wish list
  • Set as many alerts as you want(no quota that I know of)
  • No account required(but its free account anyway)
  • Custom alerts available by Email, RSS feed or Twitter
  • Alerts dependant on item availability
  • Easily manage many price alerts(free account required)
  • Filterable Top Amazon sales of the day page
  • Set alerts from within Amazon via browser extension(Chrome/Firefox)


  • Very easy navigation and alert management
  • Excellent historic price charts including Amazon, Third Party and Used categories.
  • Convenient instant alerts to your email inbox
  • No Spam or marketing emails.  Just the price alerts you set.


  • Historic data can be missing on some items
  • No mobile push notifications
  • No phone app


Why is the tool free?  Good question.  3camels makes money out the wazzoo through Amazon affiliate commissions.  Amazon pays them referral commissions for driving sales. Trust me, 3 camels makes way more money by offering this tool for free than they ever would if they charged for it.

How to use to Get Great Deals

3Camels tracks historic and realtime prices of products on Amazon and alerts you as soon as an item you want drops to the price you want.

The process is very simple:

  1. Install the 3Camels browser extension
  2. Set up an account if you want email notifications (optional and free)
  3. Browse Amazon for the product you plan to buy
  4. Click the 3Camels browser extension that you installed
  5. A price history graph will pop up.
  6. Check the price history graph to see how low the price on that item has gone.  History is decent predictor of the future.
  7. Based on the price history, decide how low you think the price is likely to drop when it goes on sale next keeping in mind how often it happens and how long you’re willing to wait.
  8. Set a price alert and choose how you’d like to receive those alerts.

Here’s a Quick 3 Camels Tutorial Video I Did Up


As I mentioned earlier, Keepa is much more comprehensive, but it involves a steeper learning curve.  It has much more detailed price history data that 3Camels as well as more price and sale alert options.  All you need to do is install the Keepa browser extension and when you visit Amazon the price history chart will automatically load within the item descriptions.


  • Comprehensive price history graphs
  • Price Alert options include email, Facebook, Twitter, Android App and RSS
  • Browser extensions – once installed the Keepa price history graph will be displayed directly on each Amazon product page.
  • Amazon Locales Support [ .com | | .de | | .fr | .ca | .cn | .it | .es | .in | | | ]
  • Registration Optional
  • Import Your Amazon wishlist
  • A daily/weekly deals page with an overview of recent price drops


  • A deeper more comprehensive tool
  • highly customizable
  • more history data
  • no popups.  It is automatically inserted under the Amazon listing you are viewing
  • Works for more Amazon local sites than 3Camels
  • Daily/weekly deals page is better than 3Camels.


  • Not very easy to understand
  • Graphs are difficult to interpret and its full of abbreviations only pros know
  • Clearly geared for professional Amazon sellers
  • Full features are only available with a rather expensive subscription(15 Euro/month as of writing)

How to Use Keepa to Get Great Deals

Keepa is simple to get up and running but a little harder to understand

  1. Install the Keepa browser extension for you whichever browser you have.
  2. If you wish to receive email alerts, sign up for a free account.
  3. Make sure to select the Amazon country site you shop from
  4. Go to Amazon and browse to a product of interest.
  5. To view price history or set up an alert scroll below the listing and you will see the Keepa graph.

Extra Tricks How to Snag Awesome Deals and Avoid Deceptive Marketing on Amazon.

A lot of Amazon sellers like to list their items as “sales,” but the price history tells a different story.  Its a classic markdown scheme to make consumers feel like their missing out on a “great deal.”

For example: I checked the price of the Kitchen Aid Pro 600 Series today.  Its listed at $388.81 (“Regularly” $499) Wow! Sound’s like a deal right?  Nope! Bad deal.  Here’s the graph from 3Camels:

As you can see the actual regular price is $400 not $500. You’re only really saving $11 not $111.  In fact, If you’re willing to wait, you stand a very good chance of getting it for $350 or even $300 if you’re a master price sniper.

Don’t set the your buy price at the very bottom historical price. If you push your luck too far you risk the item being sold out before you can hit the buy button.  Remember, you’re not the only one doing this so you need to think ahead of everyone else.

Set the your “buy” price just above rock bottom so you have time to snipe it before its sold our or the price rebounds. That’s common practice for stock traders too.

-Pay close attention to the graph increments.  Graphs can be unintentionally misleading due to their scales

Many of 3camels graphs cover a variety of time ranges from 10 years to 3 months.  What looks like a regular rock bottom price could actually be years apart.

Also, what may look like huge price fluctuations might actually be just a few dollars difference.

For example:  Here’s the same Kitchen Aid Pro graph from above, but this time over 10 years.

A quick glance might lead you to think you could snag this thing for $200.  Well, you could if you were willing to wait 8 years or so for the mistake pricing.

Use the “Third Party” option:  Often third party sellers on Amazon actually have much better pricing than Amazon’s warehouse prices.

-Take advantage of 3Camels and Keepa’s sale pages(especially on Black Friday and Boxing Day).  This is where they pull together all the best Amazon sales of the day into on place. 

You can further filter the results by categories,  % total drop or $total drop.  It’s very useful especially on Black Friday when you need to sift the very best sales from a heap of others.


I’m convinced you will not find a more efficient way to snag crazy deals on top quality products on Amazon without price alert tools like this.  

Some say, “laziness is the mother of efficiency.”  Well call me lazy, cause this makes target shopping extremely efficient.

I despise wasting hours and hours online searching for a decent price.I’d much rather have the deal come to me at the price I want.  

I love that I can verify if a sale is actually a sale or not. I also love that I can have a chance at the occasional mistake pricing.  3camels puts a lot of power back into the hands a consumers and I love it.

Disclosure: I am neither sponsored nor affiliated with any of the price alert services mentioned above.  The views expressed are entirely my own.

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