KeyBar: 5 Reasons Why It’s The Ultimate Key Organizer

Credit: KeyBar

Finally someone actually made a key organizer that makes sense!  The KeyBar key organizer has a number of things going for it that no other key organizer does.

While keeping your keys nicely organized is the main point of the KeyBar, its more of a comfort thing for many folks.  Really, who actually enjoys loose keys jangling in their pocket and jabbing them like a ninja star?  Loose keys also damage pocket linings leading to holes and even holes in pants (Depending on your generation, “the hole in jeans” thing may be a plus).

What’s a KeyBar?

A KeyBar is a simple, rugged, key organizer that folds all your keys away neatly using the same principle as a swiss army knife.  It is also highly customizable and expandable.  The KeyBar is made in the USA using high quality, lightweight metals depending on preference.

5 Reasons Why the KeyBar is Better than the Rest

1. Quality

I’m not claiming that these are the only quality key organizers out there. What I’m saying is that I have not come across a key organizer of a higher quality yet. is all about finding the best “Buy it for life” products and this is one of them.  These organizers are simply constructed but very robust.  Made with either Aluminum, Titanium or Carbon Fibre these things will last forever.

2. Design

Unlike their major competitors, KeyBar wisely chose to offset the mounting pins to allow the keys to fully stow in a neat and clean way. The results: no jagged pointy bits to snag or poke you(note the Key Smart).  The other design issue is in regard to capacity.  Having two mounting points for keys and tools really adds to the usefulness of your key organizer.  Most key organizers are limited in this regard(note the Orbit Key)

Key Smart
Orbit Key

Credit: KeyBar

3. Expandable

Most key organizers have limited capacity, but this one can be expanded to accommodate up to 28 Keys if you purchase the expansion bolts!  Granted at that point you’d be using the clip rather than putting it in your pocket.  This is a great solution for security guards, custodians and maintenance staff.  To expand or reduce capacity simply install the appropriate length screws.

4. Customizable Look

credit: KeyBar

This is not such a big deal for me, but for some folks these things are actually fashion accessories.  KeyBars come in all kinds of colors, materials and interchangeable clips. The fancier are available with many patterns, textures engravings thanks to the CNC machining.   Good luck finding a key organizer with the range of personalized options.  You can even special order your own custom made KeyBar with your own unique design and engraving.  Not my thing…but hey, to each their own.

5. Accessories

Credit: KeyBar

This thing is essentially a customizable swiss army knife, it offers a platform for more than just keys.   There’s a huge array of tools and accessories available to mount.  Here’s a list of handy accessories you may find really useful to always have handy with the key organizer.

  • USB flash drive
  • Mini utility knife
  • Pry tool/screw driver
  • Nato dagger tool set for firearms
  • Toothpick and Tweezer set
  • Titanium comb
  • “Keyrabiner”(Carabiner)
  • Bottle opener
  • Fork
  • Pick
  • Quick -Key tab (for accessing a specific key quickly)

Along with all this is a third party  set of compatible tools from Klecker Knifes originally designed for their Iphone case that also work with Key bar.

Klecker compatible accessories. Credit: KeyBar

Klecker Knife’s accessories include:

  • Flashlight
  • Fire Starter (Fero/Magnesium)
  • Scissors
  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Pen
  • Tweezer
  • Comb
  • Griphin tool(multitool)
  • Belt cutter

…..I think you get my point.  This key organizer far more than just key organizer!


Its not the customizable looks that impress me. It’s not even the high end materials like titanium or carbon fibre(aluminum is good enough for me)  Its the rugged functionality.  Its the ability to make this thing what ever you want it to be.  Instead of being a ‘sandwich artist” at Subway, I get to be a multitool artist at KeyBar.  I’d accessorize my key holder with a fire starter, flashlight and pen.  You might choose a knife, screwdriver and USB drive.  That’s whats so great about them. Everyone is different.  Everyone will find particular tools more helpful on a regular basis.

Whatever you do, you’ll end up with a rugged buy it for life key organizer.  No more holes in your pockets or jangling.  For me the things that matter most are the things you use every day.  This is one of them and its definitely worth buying.

You can pick up a standard KeyBar on Amazon at a reasonable rate:  (Check Amazon Current Pricing)

If you’re want to spend extra on a custum look head on over and browse KeyBar’s website.  I also recommend buying accessories directly from them.

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