The Longest Lasting Sneakers? 9 Rock-Solid Picks

At least 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away every year in America.  They’re choking our landfills and take 30 to 40 years to decompose (U.S. Department of the Interior)

For that reason alone it’s worth buying a durable pair of shoes. 

Buying durable goods isn’t just about owner satisfaction or luxury.  It’s about social responsibility.  

I spent the last week researching for this article and I don’t think it’s possible to claim that any one sneaker is  “the most durable sneaker ever.”  There are simply too many variables. However, it is possible to drill the list down to some very safe bets. These are them.

Some of the Longest Lasting Sneakers are:

(In no particular order)

  1. Adidas Tyshawn Mens
  2. Addidas Sambas: Mens / Womens
  3. GoRuck I/O Cross-Trainers
  4. New Balance 574 Series: Mens / Womens 
  5. Vans Old Skool : Unisex
  6. Asics Gel Nimbus Series: Mens / Womens
  7. New Balance 990 Series(American made version): Mens / Womens
  8. Allen Edmonds Center Court
  9. Chrome Industries Kursk TR


How to Choose the Most Durable Sneakers

When researching online, don’t Google: ” ‘sneaker name’ review”: There are just way too many “reviewers” out there who will tell you anything to get into your wallet via affiliate commissions.  You’re much better off visiting forums like Reddit. Try searching the subreddits: Sneakers or Buy It For Life.  It’s where ordinary people post unsponsored/unfiltered perspectives on products.

A Durable Reputation is Golden.  Obviously, gaining an industry reputation for qualityisn’t won overnight(think Toyota) and you’ll find that many forums do a great job of sifting the very best to the top quickly.

Be prepared to compromise a bit on style and taste.  Don’t expect a smorgasbord of super-trendy choices.  In the sneaker world, the most durable choices aren’t on the leading edge of fashion.  They’re classic, time-tested designs that just work.

Don’t ignore alternate categories.  For example, many low-cut hiking shoes are basically ruggedized sneakers.  They feature upgrades like waterproof leather, gortex linings and Vibram soles while still pulling off the sneaker look and functions.

Don’t forget to inspect the inside.  Put your hand inside the shoe and feel for lumps, folds, protruding seams or dried glue. Visually inspect for loose back-stitching and, If you can, pull the insole out and inspect under it.

Carefully scrutinize where the sole meets the upper. Any visibly dried glue spilling from the seam is a sign of poor quality. Press the nose of the sneaker, if the rubber toe guard separates slightly walk away.

Lean toward leather components/construction: Shoes have been made primarily with leather for thousands of years…they might just be onto something there.

In general, stay away from canvas uppers unless they are high denier weaves.

Higher pricing does not guarantee quality.  A very durable sneaker rarely costs more than $150 .  Any more and you’re probably just paying for branding hype.  You’d be surprised how little it can cost to get a durable sneaker.

The Short List of  Durable Sneakers

Note: While there are many other durable choices out there,  the sneakers below come with longstanding reputations from trustworthy brands. All of them have widespread independent social proof.  

So, In no particular order:

Addidas Tyshawn

If you want to know which sneakers are the toughest just ask Skaters. They eat shoes for breakfast lunch and dinner. The Adidas Tyshawns are well known for being one of most durability skate shoes out there. Whether you’re a skater or not, these shoes are comfy, stylish and will last forever.

Price Check the Adidas Tyshawns on Amazon: Here


  • Available in multiple colors and uppers
  • Reinforces Adituf toes
  • Adiprene cushioning
  • Rubber cupsole

Addidas Sambas

Sambas are truly iconic shoes.  They were designed in the 50’s for off-season in-door soccer and quickly became a legends.  Sambas are a great example of a simple durable  shoe that’s very, very affordable.

Price-check the Sambas on Amazon: Mens / Womens


  • available with Full Grain Leather Uppers
  • Suede overlay for added durability
  • Foam cushioned midsole
  • 70 years of die-hard fans

GoRuck I/O Cross Trainers

GORUCK Balistic

Never heard of GoRuck? Buckle up. They are probably one of the toughest brands out there. These guys are dead serious about making indestructible gear.

The GoRuck Ballistic Trainers are designed and field-tested for grueling military, Cross-Fit style exercises. While they are over-engineered to the hilt, the Ballistic Trainers still make comfy and understated travel sneakers.

So, whether you’re headed to the Costa Rican rainforest or just popping out to the shops, these things will last a long, long time.


  • Uppers: 1680D Cordura Nylon
  • Excellent cushioning
  • High traction and durability
  • Quick drying

The Ballistic Trainers cost less than many of the sneakers on this list.(Check latest pricing at Goruck) Plus GORUCK offers a 25% ‘Earned Service Discount” for: Active Duty Military, Retirees, Veterans and Spouses, as well as First Responders, Govt. Employees, Teachers and Students.

New Balance 574 Series

While the NB 574s don’t have the history that the Sambas do, you’re parents probably owned a pair in the 80’s.  Back then they called all sneakers “tennis shoes.”  My dad had a brown pair.  

The 574s are, by far, New Balance’s most iconic sneaker.  Its silhouette is pretty much timeless.    Heathcare professionals, in particular, love them for the comfort they afford over long hospital shifts.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the style, but dang they’re comfy and they last!  How else could they even exist if there weren’t convinced fanatics all over the world devoted to their reliability.

You can Price-Check the 574s on Amazon here: Mens / Womens 


  • Signature ENCAP midsole cushion for lightweight comfort
  • Suede & Mesh upper
  • Also available in leather

Vans Old Skools

A good pair of skate shoes are designed to take a heck of a beating, and Van’s Old Skools are among the toughest and most respected skat shoes ever made.  You don’t need to be a skater to appreciate their longevity.  Since they are overbuilt they will last a long time as an everyday sneaker.

Price-check the Old Skools on Amazon


  • Sturdy Canvas and suede uppers
  • Single Wrap foxing tape(thats the rubber part that forms the sidewall of the outsole.
  • Sock liner for a light cushion
  • reinforcement underlays in high-wear areas for added durability

Asics Gel Nimbus Series

The Nimbus line, as the name suggests, is pretty darn close to what it would feel like to run on clouds.

Asics is a heavyweight in the running niche.  Unsurprisingly, the Nimbus series has become their flagship line with many dedicated fans.

The higher the Nimbus “number” the newer the model year. (Nimbus 24 as of publishing)

The Nimbus line of sneakers are long distance runners and their solid construction also makes them extremely durable low-impact sneakers.

Anecdotally some runners have punished these sneaks well over 1000 miles worth of concrete.  Not bad at all.

Check the latest Amazon pricing: Mens / Womens


  • Front and mid-sole Rear Gel cushion
  • Heal clutch design which offers a solid fit with less slippage
  • Very breathable mesh upper
  • Resilient Flyte Foam midsole that resists permanent compression
  • Huge variety of sizes, colours and widths.

New Balance 990 Series- American Made :

While the 574s(tennis) are New Balance’s most iconic sneaker, the 990s are, in fact, their longest-lasting flagship offering(since 1982).  It could be argued that the New Balance 990s became the benchmark of modern runners.

Similar to the Asics Gel Nimbus, the 990s are serious long distance workhorses.  Make sure to get the upgraded American versions of the 990s with upgraded premium Nubuck uppers for extra durability.

The price point is higher than the Asics though.

Check the latest pricing on Amazon: Mens / Womens 


  • Durable nubuck leather upper
  • ENCAP midsole core of cushioning EVA  with a tough polyurethane rim for more support and durability.
  • Very high tread-life

Allen Edmonds Center Court

Very few sneakers can be re-soled but these Center Courts can be. Allen Edmonds Center Courts have all the looks of retro basketball sneaks but with some decidedly upscale features.

These premium sneakers sport durable Italian Margom rubber soles and your choice of premium leather or suede uppers. Plus, if you ever wear them out Allen Edmonds offers unique recrafting services to bring these puppies back to life.


  • Extra sturdy Italian Margom rubber soles
  • Soft, leather-lined interior
  • Removable FlyForm™ insoles provide enhanced comfort and support
  • Cemented construction
  • Premium leather or finely napped suede uppers
  • Can be recrafted

Chrome Industries Kursk TR Sneaker

Last, but not least, the Chrome Kursks TR sneakers are seriously durable sneakers originally designed for cyclists. Nonetheless, plenty of folks find they make incredibly durable casual sneakers.

The TR is an updated version of the original Kursk which was already a great sneaker. It features a durable nylon and leather upper, panaracer vulcanized rubber outsole, a breathable mesh upper, and roomy toe box (medium width)


Bonus: How to Make Your New Sneakers Last Even Longer

  • Rotate Between Two Pairs for a much longer life.  In heavy usage conditions this technique can make two rotated pairs of sneakers last longer than  3 or 4 individual ones replaced one after the other.  Its a neat strategy that high mileage runners/hikers like to use.  Giving your sneaks a rest allows them to completely dry out(sweat) which is a major contributor to premature wear & tear.
  • If they get wet, don’t tumble dry them or use a blow dryer. Heat is very, very bad for glued joints.  I once had a brand new pair Hiking shoes(Nikes) unglue in the original box because they were stored in excessive heat(Africa). Seriously, The glue just let go!  So don’t subject your sneakers to a dryer.  Solution: Wick away the moisture by stuffing your sneaks with crumpled newspaper or paper towel and replacing every few hours as needed.  Heat drying your sneakers is very hard on glued joints
  • Dry Clean only.  No Washing Machines!A deep soaking does nothing good for the internal architecture or arch support.  Instead, either dry clean or get a decent foaming shoe cleanser like this one that the folks on Reddit seem pleased with.
  • Untie your Shoes.  I know its easier to just step on your heal and yank of your kicks, but this habit alone will accumulate a lot of extra wear, deform and stretch your sneaks prematurely.
  • Use your Sneakers for one activity:  Its like elementary school.  Each kid has inside shoes and outside shoes.  So if you’re going to the gym, use different shoes to get there then switch into them.
  • Shoe Glue: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you notice any lifting or separations nab it early with some Shoe Goo. Tip: “You can spread the Shoe Goo smooth using an ice cube. Won’t stick to the ice and satisfies your perfectionist side.” -Narness from the Subreddit:sneakers
  • Lose Weight: If you can spare a few pounds your sneakers reward you by lasting longer.  It’s just plain physics.  Of course, it would be kinda weird if that were your only motivation to lose weight…just sayin’.

If you’re in the market for other durable footwear, check my article on The 6 Longest lasting  flip flop brands

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