Seki Edge Nail Clippers: How Good Are They?

Seki Clippers cutting popsicle stickIn the world of nail clippers, Seki Edge ranks easily in the top three.  Today I’d like to review the Seki Edge nail clippers.

The Japanese are world leaders in  blade technologies. Lets see how the Seki Edge stacks up.

If you’re in a hurry it might help to just watch the video version of this Seki Edge review below. 

Brand Overview: Seki Edge

Seki Edge is a line of products developed and manufactured by Green Bell Co. LTD. Osaka, Japan.  The name Seki comes from the ancient Japanese town of Seki City known for its rich history of producing the finest samurai swords.

If there are two things the Japanese excel at its blades and quality cars(Lexus, Toyota).

Here’s  a few excerpts from their Seki’s official website:

“In today’s manufacturing age, the focus is on large volumes and inexpensive production. Quality has been long forgotten. We believe the market is demanding more than just a cheaper price tag.”

“Despite increasing demands to increase production, we are still committed to the philosophy of hand craftsmanship, quality and reliability. We will not forget our roots in exchange for bigger profits.” is all about quality over profit and companies like these should be rewarded for choosing this ethos.

The Seki Edge Nail Clipper

Lanyard hols on Seki EdgeSo beyond all the bluster and marketing of the “Seki Samarai” heritage.  What’s so great about Seki Edge nail clippers?

  1. Build quality–  From the thick die-cast lever to the heavy duty permanent pin securing it, the clippers are substantially more stout.  The blades are extremely sharp and meet each other precisely leaving no gap or overbite.  I clipped right through popsicle sticks with these bad boys.  No problem.
  2. Ergonomics–  The seki nail clippers also feel natural in the hand. The lower plate is arched to give your thumb a better grip and the lever is notched for your index or forefinger.
  3. Finish– very smooth professional looking and the Seki Edge  logo is a nice touch.
  4. Attention to detail-the lanyard slots are a smart addition.  I’ll be attaching my seki nail clippers to my shaving kit so they don’t go walk-about.  The dimples on the top of the lever are stylish and add a little grip with wet hands.

Overall Impressions

I’ve owned these clippers for a while now so My review of largely based on my experience with them.

I’ve found that they’re actually quite over-engineered.  Seki didn’t have to make them so robust, but that’s a good thing! In fact they’re so robust is use them as toe nail clippers too. They don’t struggle at all.

The Seki Edge feels far more substantial in hand than other clippers. It’s not light and flimsy.  When I clip my nails the corners don’t splinter my nails or leave rough edges as can often happen with cheaper clippers.

My favorite feature of the Seki Edge Clippers is its solid die-cast lever.  Besides its good looks, it’s really serves a very practical purpose. It allows for a confident grip, and plenty of leverage if needed. I especially like the finger notch on the tail.

My old clippers had an under bit that caused a burr along the top edge of my nail every time.   I would have to file my nails every time.  That’s a thing of the past.  Clipping my nails is literally 30 seconds affair now.

Are Seki Nail Clippers Worth It?Seki Edge top view

Any item that you use frequently should always be good quality and tough as nails(pun intended).  I think the Seki Edge clippers are a worthwhile investment.

Nail clippers a weekly use item.  They’re certainly worth upgrading.

I’m no diva, but returning to the weekly sensation of my jagged, burred nails dragging and snagging on fabric?…Not happening.

Seki Nail clippers aren’t the only quality clippers on the market, but their darn near the best.  Check the current price of the Seki Edge nail clippers on Amazon. 

Here at I encourage folks to pause and take stock of all the junky gear they’ve settled for. Start refitting yourself by upgrading the products that fail you most frequently.  Nail clippers are one of those items.

Junky gear is like a dripping tap.  It’s always failing you, always frustrating and always making you inefficient.   Don’t  keep coming back for more. Do something about it! Start Refitting.

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