The Case for Minimalism

Less is only better if the “less” you have is better than the more you had.  What good is it to get rid of the extra shovel if both shovels weren’t worth a dime to start with.  You’re better off with two crappy shovels.  Minimalism only makes sense when you have one rock solid shovel instead.

Minimalism and quality go hand in hand.

I know some guys that are more scotch than my grandfather was.  They can hear a lonely lost penny crying under any couch. Even thought they have the means, they buy barely usable second hand stuff.    Occasionally they actually save money, but they saddle themselves with unexpected breakdowns, stress, the clutter of spare parts,  and scraps lying around.  Thats called being cheap, but it isn’t minimalism.

I’ve watched the tiny house craze with keen interest.  Sure there are some super cheap people who basically slam together shacks and call them tiny houses but I’m especially impressed by the attention to quality, detail and multifunction that many true minimalists put into their houses.  Its genius!

Minimalism takes Wisdom.

I’ve often said, I’d be happy to living in a cardboard box, but it’s not all about me! Wisdom considers others.  My wife is not a minimalist.  Therefore, we do not live in a cardboard box.  Make sense?

There are ways to be a minimalist while living in peaceable community with others.  Steer clear of being to judgy of product junkies and pack rats.  Just respect each others space.

I built this site for all the crazy people like me who actually believe its possible to live simpler, more efficient lives while still enjoying the comforts. If your like me, you actually relish taking the simple things and making them multifunctional without compromising durability and efficiency.

Why fill your drawers with tube socks, half of which have holes in them?  Buy lifetime socks!

Why buy a $120 pair of shoes every two years?  Buy an awesome pair of lifetime replacement shoes.

How ’bout a Leatherman multitool guaranteed for life?  It’s a toolbox on your belt.

Less is better, as long as “the less” actually is better than what you had before.  I’ll show you the top products that will simplify your life and make it better.

If your interested in developing a plan to do this check out my article: Build a Strategic War-Chest of Man Tools


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Don Longworth

Don was born and raised in sub-saharan Africa. Now based in Canada, his extensive experience in non-profit work has served him well over multiple deployments in Africa. Don's experiences have made him a practical "to-the-point" type person. He is a no-frills, low-key guy who appreciates quality and simplicity.

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