The Harber London Business Wallet: James Bond’s Choice?

Have you ever considered that your crappy old wallet packed with receipts and business cards might be giving folks the wrong impression about you? No offense, but if you are in the business world, this kind of stuff makes you look cheap and careless.

I mean, would you trust a guy with your money if he didn’t appear to care much about his own?

Granted, a wallet won’t kill a business deal, but it can certainly shade your client’s perception of you.

To that end, today we’ll take a close look at a rather classy business wallet from Harber London. It’s the kind of wallet that you’ll be proud to whip out and pay the bill with at your next client lunch. Plus, its chocked full of some cool little secrets.

Harber London Business Wallet Review

Harber London’s Business wallet is a very appropriate and stylish choice for corporate professionals. Hand-made in Spain from full-grain veg-tanned leather, it features a slimline profile.

The wallet features RFID-protection for up to 12 cards, an easy pull-tab rear card access, a secure coin slot, a sim cardholder and two bill compartments.

Harber London Business Wallet


  • Size: 4.8 x 3.8 inches
  • 4 large Card slots or 12+cards
  • Pull-tab rear card access
  • Veg-tanned full-grain leather
  • Slim-line
  • Made in Spain
  • RFID protection
  • Sim card holder
  • Coin compartment
  • Two bill compartments
  • Slash pocket storage in Bill compartment
  • 3 Color options


  • Professional look
  • Exceptionally comfortable carry.
  • Tough Full-Grain Leather
  • 2-tone color is very nice
  • Extra features: sim card holder, change pocket
  • large capacity
  • light-weight-not bulky


  • Card slots a bit too loose for my liking
  • Interior finish edges should be narrower
  • Leather could have been cut thicker

First Impressions

I’m not a suit & tie kind of guy. So, when I agreed to review this wallet for Harber London I’d decided it would be good to shave before it arrived.

Kidding aside, the Harber London Busines Wallet is a formal wallet. That is clear from the moment you pull it from the white monogrammed pouch that it ships in.

This Harber London Business Wallet has that understated luxury that seems to say, “I know you’re looking at me.” without saying, “Please look at me!!!”

The two-tone interior the card slots are eye-catching but not in an obnoxious or desperate way.

I consider it a large wallet but it doesn’t feel large in-pocket because it is flexible and very slim.

The wallet curves comfortably to my thigh in the front pocket. Several times over the past weeks I found myself patting my front pocket to verify it was still there.

It’s a very comfortable carry..dare I say the most comfortable wallet carry I’ve tested so far.

The Leather

Harber London makes this wallet in Spain from veg-tanned full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is the highest grade of leather possible. It is the uppermost and most dense portion of the hide. This extra dense grain is what makes it so durable. Here’s a great post on full-grain leather wallets.

To retain the top grain leather but keep bulk down, the leather is down from the underside. This is wallet wouldn’t survive long jammed into the front pocket of rancher’s jeans.

It’s not designed or that. However, it will certainly last a long time in a corporate setting.

Card Slots

There are two card slots on either side this bifold. Each slash pocket had reinforcement stitching at the mouth.

Having four card slots does not seem like much until you see how many cards you can fit them! Too many in my opinion. Here lies my biggest complaint with this wallet. The card slots allow too much play. Flipping the wallet upside down and tapping it allowed cards to fall out. I shouldn’t have to worry about that.

This is the downside to a flexible wallet. They are super comfortable but lack the rigidity to the retain cards as firmly.


The pull-tab is a super-slick feature that allows you pull a card out (or cards) from the rear side-slot without having to dig around. The tab is returned to its position simply by reinserting the card.

All wallets should have this feature! It is super practical and I use it to quickly pull out my ID.

Bills Compartment

Divider allows for multiple currencies keeping track of separate accounts

The bill compartment is nice and deep and features a divider allowing you to easily operate in two currencies while traveling or keep your personal and business expenses separate

Along the front wall of the bill compartment, you’ll find is a coin pouch, SIM card slot, and an extra stash pocket.

Coin Pouch

Just inside the lining of the bill compartment is a perfect spot for your parking meter change. A cover flap does a great job of keeping coins from falling out even if you drop it or pull the wallet out upside-down.

The trick is to actually remember that you have change in your wallet. I’m not used to that little perk.

SIM Card slot

Use this slot for a SIM card or a mini SD card

Harber London had the international traveler in mind for this one. I never used this pocket for a SIM card, but it’s a neat idea.

It occurred to me that this slot could also be used for a password protected SD card with critical documents like passport photos, family pictures, and contacts. It turns out a mini SD card fits quite well too. Cool! I suddenly feel like a spy!

Stash Pocket

Extra stash pocket

This wallet is full of little tricks! Aside from the SIM card slot and coin pouch, it also includes a rather large stash pocket. You could hide a few of your big bills in there or a folded photocopy of your passport.

Fit and Finish

Overall the Harber London Business wallet has a lot going for it. There were no loose threads, crooked stitching or careless workmanship. My only gripe is that the inside hem is quite large leaving a flap of leather on the inside that could be narrower.


I like the appearance of this wallet, especially the two-tone colored ones. It’s a refreshing departure from so many other boring business wallets.

Things I would change? I’d make the card slots tighter for sure and I’d trim/stitch down the inside leather hem a bit more.

The quality is good and the full-grain leather is soft and flexible. I’m a fan of the slim profile and it’s very comfortable in my pocket. It’s also well thought out with more hidden features than any wallet I’ve reviewed.

For all those hidden features, I’m quite sure James Bond would carry the Harber London business wallet.

If the business wallet just isn’t your style, Harber London has a bunch of other full-grain leather wallet styles you can check out here.

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