Top Five Luggage Warrantees

After researching the Top Five Clothing Warrantees , I thought I’d continue this series by looking into the top five luggage warrantees available today.

The term “lifetime warrantee” is about as valuable as toilet paper these days.  Most so called “lifetime guarantees” are nothing more than workmanship guarantees and the term “lifetime”(in the fine print) refers to an undefined period of time the manufacturer thinks the product should last for.  So, in other words “lifetime” could mean only 5 years…but no one really knows because the manufacturers never tell you.

Unfortunately the world of travel luggage is rife with this misleading marketing.  So, in the interest of saving my quality conscious readers time and annoyance, these are the top five luggage warranties that go way beyond workmanship and materials.

I should note that I weighed the top five luggage warrantees largely according to each company’s official written guarantee .  All of these companies will repair or replace your damaged luggage for free!  Sweet!

# 5 Red Oxx

Air Boss: +700 5-Star Reviews,  Meets carry-on restrictions. Made in USA. No Bull Lifetime Warranty. 12 colors.

This is a familiar brand to the ‘Buy it Once” crowd.  Red Oxx does not offer a full line of suitcases and roller carry-ons.  However, they carry some of them most indestrucible duffles, bags and backpacks on the planet.

RedOxx is famous for it’s  “No Bull Guarantee”  which  covers accidental damage.  It reads in part:

“The Red Oxx Lifetime Guarantee is completely transferable for life. Covered are all bags and accessories made by us (both custom and mass produced), at any time in our history, regardless of how they were obtained – gifts, second hand store, ebay auctions, hand-me-downs, custom work and modifications done by Red Oxx, etc. Our “No Bull” Lifetime Warranty is, in a word, unconditional!”

#4. Osprey

Shuttle 130L/ 32″: Current Amazon pricing.

Osprey and Red Oxx are very similar.  Both companies compete head to head with durable soft-sided luggage like duffle bags, but Osprey also carries a line of roller luggage.  They edge out Red Oxx purely because they offer more product range and variety while giving a practically identical guarantee.

Here’s an exert from their famous “Almighty Guarantee”:

“Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge – whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday.”

Another quote from their website says:

“We Guarrantee everything we make, forever.  Our products are built to last, but should anything happen we’ll make a functional repair or provide a replacement.”

Anything, any damage, any reason…forever.  LOVE IT!

#3 Travel Pro- Platinum Magna 2 Collection

Platinum Magna 2 21″ Spinner:  Contour handle, self-straightening wheels, airline carryon compliant, durable engineered zippers. Current Amazon Pricing

Travel Pro is a well respected brand often used by air crew and traveling professionals.  It is the first brand on this list that offers a full line of traditional luggage solutions.

However, Most of Travel Pro’s products are not offered with a warrantee that covers damage.  Only their Platinum Magna 2 Collection comes with what is called their “Worry Free Warrantee.”

I hesitated to give Travel Pro the #3 position because  their worry free guarantee is only available on one particular collection. Also, they make it hard to find their warrantee information which is a bit off-putting.

Nonetheless since they do cover airline damage and the Magna 2 Collection is a comprehensive lineup.  It does deserve a  spot on this list.


#2 Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Expanse AWD International Carry On

Eagle Creek steps it up a notch by bringing multiple collections of “buy it for life” luggage to the checkin counter.  Although Eagle Creek does offer a “liftetime guarantee” on all their products the fine print betrays my high standards here at

Thankfully there is a second tier called the  “no matter what warrantee” on the following collections:  Exploration, EC Lync System, EC Adventure, Flyte, Deviat travel packs and No Matter What Duffles. 

Stated rather blandly This warrantee says:

“Our No Matter What™ Warranty covers the Lifetime Warranty promise plus the added insurance of repair or replacement due to product failure during the product lifetime, regardless of the cause.

So if you’re a sky jockey circling the earth several times a year, you should definitely look into these suitcases and carry-ons.

You can check out the Eagle Creek Expanse International AWD Carry On Here.


#1  Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley Limited Edition Carry On:  Get Current Amazon Pricing

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to travel aficionados.  Briggs & Riley rounds out the top five luggage warrantees with the most generous guarantee of all.

Brigg’s & Riley’s “Simple as That” guarantee is short and sweet:

“If your bag is ever broken or damaged, we will repair it free of charge, no proof of purchase needed, no questions asked.

Unlike the rest of its competitors Brigg’s & Riley offers this guarantee across their whole line of travel luggage products.  So take your pick, enjoy them for a lifetime and make sure to include your Briggs & Riley luggage in your will so others can enjoy them after you croak.

On that note, Happy traveling!  Oh and if you’re interested check out The Top Five Clothing Warrantees and get set up with a solid travel wardrobe before you go jet-setting!  Bon Voyage.

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