4 Buy It for Life Blenders

Buy it For Life Blenders? Why?

My wife and I were given two shiny new blenders as wedding presents.  The first gave up the ghost in a plume of electrical smoke within 6 months.  The next one quit somewhere in the next couple years.

Those kind of blenders represent the average quality of blenders found on store shelves today.  I call them  “landfill fodder.” Junky appliances are a pollution problem.

Durability really is a big problem with these things.  Thankfully, there are a few “buy it for life blenders” out there if you know where to look.  Blenders are mainstays in kitchens and they should be built to last.

We’re going to look at four of the very best buy it for life blenders today.  Two from Vitamix and two from Blendtec.  These two brands are the undisputed champions of durability in the world of blenders.

With over 400,000 members, the overwhelming opinion of the subreddit: BuyItForLife is that Vitamix and Blendtec blenders stand head and shoulders above all other competition for durability.  That’s a huge endorsement and its also the consensus of most respectable reviewers.


Vitamix’s has a company saying that goes like this, “Buy dependable, not disposable.”  They’ve built an industry leading reputation on that reliability.

I think companies like them should be rewarded for that. Its a rare thing these days.

Vitamix offers a standard 7 year Parts, Labour warranty and two way shipping for servicing.  You can also opt to extend it to 10 years if you buy through their website instead of amazon.

The Buy It For Life (BIFL) crowd swear by Vitamix. So if your a fruit ninja or almond butter fanatic you’ll be set for years to come.  The two models below are part of their Legacy line.  In other word’s, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200

The 5200 is Vitamix’s standard entry level blender.   Trust me it’s plenty enough blender to meet the needs of 90% of us.

It will pulverize 64 ounces worth of fruit and ice in no time. Even those gritty little strawberry seeds will magically go away.  The 5200 has all the basic functions a person really needs in a blender.

It’s definitely got the retro look with the analog (physical switches).  Personally I like the plain look and especially the big switches that go click.  Simple, functional and no dumb digital gimmicks.

Who is this blender is for?

Normal people.  I mean people who use a blender on regular basis and are satisfied with On/Off, Pulse and Speed Control.  With a rugged 2 horsepower motor under the hood it will mercilessly shred whatever fair you feed it and do a much better job of it than the blenders you’ll find gracing Wally World.

Tip: Make sure the distance between your countertop and cupboard will accomodate the 20.5  inches the 5200 requires.  If not go with the 7500. It’s the same beast, same capacity, just a little wider and 3 inches shorter.  You can check the latest Amazon pricing here. Or buy it from Vitamix

Vitamix Professional series 750

Vitamix 750 Professional Series

If you simply must have the best and most durable blender, the 750 should be on your shortlist.  Here’s what it brings to the party.

  • A commercial grade 2.2 horsepower thermal regulated motor for more power.
  • 5 preset “walk away” settings for consistent results with your smoothies or what have you.
  • Self cleaning program (add warm water and dish soap, press button walk away)
  • Low profile 64 ounce capacity. (17.5 inches high)

Who is this blender for?

It’s for serious cooks, health drink junkies and hyper quality conscious buyers.  If you can pony up the cash you’ll have one of the very best blenders on the market.

You can check the latest Amazon pricing here or buy it from Vitamix


I’m pretty sure the Blendtec mafia are going for blood against Vitamix and blender wars can’t be pretty.

Blendtec offers an 8 year warranty(One year better than Vitamix). As far as buy if for life blenders go, its the best Warranty.  They’re definitely more into digital and touch interfaces rather than physical switches.  I’m not a fan of that kind of thing, however it makes for easy cleaning.

Blendtec also brings more horsepower (3hp and up).  Most reviewers don’t see a lick of difference between Vitamix and Blendtec’s as far as power and performance.  So, horse power should not be deciding factor between the two brands.  They do however, credit Vitamax for being quieter.

Blendtec is probably best known for their viral marketing campaign on Youtube called “Will it Blend?”  For your amusement, here they go blending golfballs.(I’m surprised they haven’t blended a Vitamix yet)

Blendtec Classic 575

Blendtec Classic 575

This is Blendtec’s go-to entry level model and it offers up a fair bit more features than Vitamix’s entry level blender especially with respect to programs cycles.  It’s also only 15 inches tall so you can easily stow it in your cupboards when not in use.

  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • Touchpad interface (easy cleaning)
  • Preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Clean, 60-seconds and 90-seconds
  • 15″ tall

For most normal folks the classic 575 is all you really need in a blender.  There are two things to consider.

  • Blendtek’s don’t come with a tamper to push displaced food back down with.
  • This Blender only has preset speed controls whereas the Vitamix 5200 has a precise control nob for speed.

You can check the latest prices on the Classic 575 here.

Blendtec Professional 750

Professional 750

If you’re a person of,  ahem,* distinguished standards, the pro grade 750 is among the very best buy it for life blenders money can buy.  Unlike the Vitamix 750 the Blendtec can be optionally installed in your countertop. The cowl comes off and the motor is installed under your counter with only the head unit on top. (Attention: custom kitchen addicts)

Its a swank piece of kit. Everything is controlled via a touch panel and includes:

  • 3.0 horsepower motor
  • Backlit push-button interface
  • 6 Preprogrammed cycles: Batters, Mixed Drinks, Smoothie, Frozen Treats, WholeJuice, Hot Soup
  • 10 speeds + Pulse
  • Bragging rights included

You can check its price on Amazon here


Sorry, I’m not going tell you which of these buy it for life blenders to buy. Their all bulletproof.  In fact they could blend you some bullets for breakfast if you’d like. (I don’t recommend trying).

Simply put, its comes down to lifestyle and interests.  If you’re a foodie, you’ll probably appreciate the perks of the fancier models.

I’m not a foodie and I prefer switches and knobs.  So I’d go for the Vitamix 5200.

The pricing is fairly similar between brands.  Let your wallet and personal preferences guide your choice.  No matter what your choice is, it’ll be a darn good one.  I wouldn’t fret about it.  These are buy if for life blenders.  I’ve yet to hear or read of any buyers regret with these blenders.

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