Fiskars Cuts + More: Best Utility Scissors?

Fiskars is a rare brand.  Everything they sell carries a lifetime warrantee.  I’m a fan of that. They’re well known for making excellent scissors and shears. Today we’re going to do a hand’s-on review of one of the best utility scissors out there: the Fiskars Cuts + More scissors.

I think the Fiskars Cuts + More scissors are the best set of utility scissors I’ve ever come across for quite a few reasons. I’m particularly impressed with how multifunctional they are compared to the competition.  They’re sub $20 price point is tempting too.

Fiskars Cuts + More Features

  • Lifetime Warrantee
  • Sheath with integrated blade sharpener and tape cutter
  • Titanium coated top blade which functions as stand-alone knife
  • Wire cutter
  • “Power Notch” rope cutter on the inside jaw
  • Twine cutter
  • Bottle opener
  • Awl Tip on Titanium coated blade
  • Quick detacheable blades for easy cleaning(dish washer safe)

Scissors are one of those daily use items that are worth upgrading for sanity’s sake.  We had three junky scissors in our kitchen drawer that were driving us nuts.   After a good deal of research I picked up a pair of these Fiskars on Amazon for around 15 bucks.  (They often go on sale).

I do wonder why it took me so long to spend $15 for a good set of scissors. I suppose it’s like the that dripping tap- so easy to forget about until the next time you use it and get annoyed.

Why I Think the Cuts + More is One of The Best Utility Scissors

  1. Fiskars has an actual corporate dedication to quality and durability.  I’m not brand loyal, but I have lots of experience with their shears, axes, hatchets, and pole-saws.  They have a good track record. It’s safe to say most of their products are over-engineered and well-made. Its shouldn’t be a surprise that they make one of the best utility scissors.
  2. Extremely Versatile: .Instead of running down to the garage and rummaging around for a wire cutter, or a box cutter I can just grab these scissors. Multitasking tools save sooo much time! It’s one of the reasons I’m in love with my Leathermen Wave multitool(Review).
  3. Detachable blades.  I liked this feature for two reasons.  It makes sterilizing them in the dishwasher much easier, and I love the ability to used the titanium coated blade as a stand alone knife.

Test Results


As a whole I found the sheath to be slightly disappointing as far as material.  I expected a heavier plastic.  The sheath was still functional but I feel the that it is not up to Fiskars brand reputation.

This reminds me of my ESEE 6 survival knife (see the review.)  Its among the very best knives out there, but the sheath was an afterthought.

I would have gladly paid more for the scissors to get a heavier sheath.

The scissors do clip in securely, but its possible clip it in a bit crooked so it does not fully seat.  There really shouldn’t need to be a learning curve on sheathing a pair of scissors.

Tape Cutter

Mehh..not the best.  Its not really sharp enough to slice tape effectively.  Given the choice I’d opt to slit boxes open with the scissor blade instead.  I’m rather disappointed in it.  It tended to pull the tape rather than actually slice it.

For the best utility scissors, the sheath again is a let-down.

Integrated Sharpener

It took me a minute or two to figure out the proper technic of the sheath-integrated ceramic sharpener.   To sharpen the blades, push them. Don’t pull them through the sharpener. Its unlikely you’ll need to use this feature often, but its great to have it on-board to hone the blades from time to time.


If you’re a crafty person, the Titanium coated blade will be a very adequate perforator.

The tip is stout an solid and certainly more than capable of drilling holes in cardboard and leather.   The blade would double as a very formidable home defence weapon too.

Rope Cutter

At the back of the jaws is a curved depression called the “Power Notch.”  Its designed to cradle and trap rope so it does not slip forward as the blades close on it.  Being at the back of the jaw means maximum force can be delivered to easily slice moderately thick ropes.

This was one of the most impressive features on the scissors for me.  The Cuts + More sliced ropes like butter without even the slightest slippage.

Bottle opener

Can’t say one way or the other on this feature.   I don’t use a bottle opener.    I’m sure it would work fine.  You don’t even have to remove the scissors from the sheath to use the bottle opener since there is a cutout on the sheath.

Wire Cutter

The wire cutters aren’t designed for heavy gauge wire like clothes hangers, but it definitely had no trouble snipping gardening wire with ease.

Twine Cutter

I separated the handle to use the twin cutter, but you don’t need to.  I just felt I could have better control that way.  Bale twine was no problem.  Just remember to cut way from yourself.


The titanium blade has a very “tactical” look to it.  It has mean and aggressive look, but its actually makes a great paring knife especially when all the other knives are in the dishwasher.

The hardened titanium coating(3x stronger than steel) creates a non-stick surface for less mess and a longer service life.

Look closely and you’ll see jimping on the spine of the blade where you can rest your thumb for added control and grip when a finer touch is needed.  Nice detail.


The grip is best for average to small sized hands.

The Fiskars Cuts + More features a very ergonomic handle that accepts the thumb and three fingers.  Folks with larger hands will find it a little tight though.

My wife found the grip roomy enough but she holds here scissors differently than I do and with  my larger hand I felt I couldn’t grip the lower handle as deeply as I wanted to for maximum cutting power.

Left handed use was also comfortable.


These are utility scissors and as such are designed to do a lot of things well, but not everything perfectly.

They powered through cardboard like a hungry hippo.

If all you do is scrap-booking, these will get you by, but you’ll probably want more specialty scissors for that.

A nice added feature of the lower blade is the bevelled front lip. This allows you cut material without snagging, stabbing or tear anything beneath by accident.  Run the lip along the surface of a table to easily cut gift wrapping.

Beyond a few complaints(handle size, sheath quality, tape cutter) I find the Fiskars Cuts + More scissors to be a very solid solution for utility, garden and kitchen duty.

I like them for their heavy duty feel and the ingenius multi-purpose design.

They’re not dainty or easily damaged.  You can beat them around and even if you dull them you can sharpen them again.


The best thing about these utility scissors are the price.  Price check them on Amazon, they usually go for sub 20$.  Its not often you get a tool like this for such a good price.    With Fiskars well-respected lifetime warrantee backing them up.

Every household needs at least one solid set of scissors. Are they the best utility scissors? There might better ones out there, but these are among the best.

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