How to Choose The Best Diversion Safe

So, you want the best diversion safe?  Diversion safes are super clever ways of hiding your valuables in plain sight using ordinary household items.  While its tempting, be careful not to fall for the “cool factor” when purchasing.    Their are various security risks inherent in most diversion safes.   95% of diversion safes don’t meet’s standards.  We’ll show you why that is, what to avoid and what to look for when shopping for a proper diversion safe.

Things to Avoid in Diversion Safes


Stay away from items that people will hold and handle frequently.  Stay away from hair brushes, false-bottom coffee mugs and the like.  Obviously, the more your safe is physically handled the more likely the contents will be discovered.



This is the number one mistake people make.  While they may be inconspicuous, your secret can of soup is highly vulnerable to accidental discovery as soon as someone with a cold raids your pantry for some chicken noodle soup.  Savy?  Other examples of consumables susceptible to this fate are: Pop cans, water bottles, coffee cans and aerosol cans.


That Trident gum container stuffed with $100 bills will feel empty to well meaning folks and they’ll just chuck it.  How bout that bic lighter with your rainy day fund? It doesn’t work, so someone pitches it.  My favorite by far are the skid marked underwear diversion safes.  Hilarious!   Ain’t nobody going to touch em…except your horrified mom when she visits and throws them straight in the garbage.


This is a big no no.  Micro diversion safes are cool spy gear, but super stupid.  Coin diversion safes for micro sd cards are practically moronic. You’re almost guaranteed to to loose them, spend them, or spend long evenings sifting through your change jar to find it again.



  A multiplug diversion safe that doesn’t power anything. How stupid is that! Nothing invites scrutiny like something that doesn’t work properly.  You’re DIY’er friends will crack it open to see what’s wrong.  That’s if they don’t throw it out for being a fire hazard.  Same goes for fake wall plugs.

Requiring maintenance

 Diversion safes that do function but need periodic maintenance like battery changes are poor choices.   When the battery dies on your clandestine wall clock  the nearest OCD person will “simply have to” change the batteries.  They’ll crack open the back and…Viola!  Your life’s savings.  As I mentioned before, diversions safes should be seen but never touched.  Battery powered closet lights are also poor choices.

Too Obvious/Valuable

  I’m actually surprised by the number of diversion safes available that would actually attract attention or maybe even be stolen. This is why it’s really important to know how to choose a diversion safe.  Replica paintings, and really attractive book safes come to mind scream for attention.


Properties of The Best Diversion Safes

Every good diversion safe MUST:

  1. Be Static:  First of all, the best diversion safes stay in one place for a long, long time and is never disturbed.  Its for looking not touching or using.
  2. Have no “hands on” purpose.  While a hair brush with a hidden compartment is MI6 cool, in reality, if an item is constantly handled it drastically increases the odds of your gold cache being discovered.
  3. Be of a mediocre value:  You don’t want it to look valuable neither so cheap it may be accidentally disposed of or recycled.
  4. Fit your lifestyle: Maybe you’re a health freak. If so, don’t keep your cash hoard in a Coke can on the shelf. Your friends will come over, see it, pick it up and chide you for it.  Your secret will be revealed. Don’t buy a huge hollow book safe on Law even though the rest of the books on your shelf are Manga comics. It will stand out like a sore thumb.

The Best Diversion Safe Ideas

The above criteria pretty much sift out 95% of diversion safes.  Since we’re devoted to only recommending the very best here, we’ve worked hard to compile this list of top diversion safes:

#1. The Potted Plant 

Mundane and boring, house plants are a dime a dozen.  Potted plant diversions safes just sit there year after year performing one function: decoration. No one handles them, no one moves them, no one plays with them.  “Plant” a small fake tree in it with mini lights.  It’ll add to the decoration factor while discouraging people from touching it or watering it by accident.  You don’t a real plant. Water and soil complicating matters. Plus, real plants die and invite people to throw them out.  Click here for current Amazon pricing.

#2. The False Bottom Drawer

  This is an easy DIY project.  Cut a thin piece of plywood to the size of your drawer.  Glue some spacers under it to create a storage space under the new “bottom.” Add a few magnetic strips to for good measure to keep the false bottom held down securely. But… if  that seems like too much, just save yourself the hassle could buy something like this smart little sweater bin with a false bottom.

#3. The In-Wall Mirror Safe

Though, the most expensive on our list, its one of my favourites for functionality, accessibility and capacity.  The unit slides into the space between the studs of a 2×4 wall.  Awesome!  Check Current Amazon Pricing

#4. The Wall Vent

This is another excellent low-profile hiding place that virtually no-one will think of looking in.  Magnets hold it in place, but you can screw the face on for added security.  Check the Price on Amazon

#5. The Book Safe  

There’s a reason these are the most popular diversions safes.  However, professional thieves have a habit of clearing books off shelves to reveal these safes. Be advised that you should pick a mundane topic and hide them on the top or bottom shelf.  Check the price on Amazon.



Heeding these suggestions will ensure that you get the best diversion safe while exponentially increasing the security of of your valuables. Plus, its super cool! Whichever diversion safe you choose,  please for goodness sake, don’t tell anyone about it!!  We know the temptation to share your awesome new hiding spot is overwhelming.  Just keep this one under wraps and you’ll have my respect.

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As always, I love to hear your comments and suggestions.  Good luck stashing your goods!

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