21 Really Annoying Things That Last Way Too Long

things that last too long

WellRigged.com is devoted to discussing the longest lasting products on earth. However, there are many things that last too long.

So, on the light-hearted side of things, here are 21 Things that we all wish didn’t last.

BTW: I’m sure I’ve missed a ton. What else lasts too long? Leave a comment.

Supreme Court Justices

supreme court justices live too long

A Supreme Court Justice can remain in office as long as they wish unless they are impeached. So, basically forever in political terms.

Whether you lean left or right, it really doesn’t matter..we all circle like vultures waiting for one of these poor people to die already so we can put someone in their place that supports our political/moral viewpoints.

It’s kind of sick really…but true.

Halloween Candy

halloween candy lasts to long

The more kids you have the bigger this problem is. Sure a chocolate once in a while is great, but Halloween and Easter bring in way too much junk food that stay in the cupboards for far too long.

Very annoying!

McDonalds Happy Meal toys

McDonald’s happy meal toys are practically indestructible no matter how many times you step on them in the middle of the night.

I blame all the “helicopter” moms who’ve sued Mcdonalds because their precious Johny knawed the ear off a toy elf and had to have his stomach pumped.

These toys are seriously over-built and definitely one of those things that last too long.

Evil Cats

evil cats live to long

Get behind me Satan!

Oh, they’re so cute when they are kittens, but beware! BEWARE!

The devil incarnate dwells randomly in the souls of some cats and it’s a crap-shoot to know which cat will grow up to menace you for years.

The worst thing is that these kind of cats seem to live way longer than normal cats. One evil cat can terrorize your household for over 20 years!

My in-laws had a yellow-eyed devil-cat like this. That scraggly thing would randomly attack your feet and take cheap shots at you whenever it could.

I shed no tears when it finally kicked the bucket.

Dentist Visits

Dentist Visits last too long

You know when the Dentist is scraping and digging around your gums just between your front teeth?

You keep wishing it’ll be done soon…but nope..back they go finding something else to dig and scrape at.

Then there’s the itchy nose. Many,(myself included) get an insanely itchy nose when at the dentist. I guess it’s the vibrations of all that drilling and scraping or something..*shudder.

Finally, there is the novacaine needle. It is literally the longest lasting needle ever!

Sigh* Dentist visits never seem to end.

1980’s Microwaves

Talk about juggernaughts..these microwaves were built like safes and lasted just about as long. You know the ones with the turn dial timers? Yup, these things last too long.

Mercifully our old dinosaur finally gave up the ghost in the mid-2000’s.

During my college years we had a similar one in the dorm lounge that we affectionatly called “little chernobyl.” It had the ability to run with the door wide open.

I’m glad those days are over.

1980-90’s Clock Radios

1980's Alarm Clock

It goes something like this…EHHRN EHHRN EHHRN EHHRN!!

That grating sound is familiar to millions of us who survived the 80’s and 90’s.

The worst part was trying shut the stupid things off. My groggy fingers could never quite find the slider button that just so happened to also operate the radio.

9/10 times you’ll wind up accidentally turning the radio on full blast.

You can still find these things in thrift stores blinking their stupid 12:00 in red.

Still, I can’t bring myself to throw out the one in our guest room. I want to…but I know its wrong and wasteful.

Old-school Power Drills

Old Black and Decker Power Drill

Their heavy, clunky, have no torque limiters, and take forever to change the bits. You have to use this stupid little geared key and if you ever loose it you’re done.

These things will survive a nuclear armageddon. That said, they are terrible to work with. I’m quite sure it will still be going strong when I die.

Costco sized Sauerkraut

It doesn’t have to be Sauerkraut, Costco’s huge pickled-egg jars are another one of those things that last too long.

That’s the thing about Costco, sometimes you’re just not thinking when you pick up the ginormous package of lentils and then you’re stuck in lentil prison for months (dare I say years!)

Perhaps the biggest curse is that things like this take up a huge amount of cupboard or fridge space.

Beware…the Sauerkrout!!

Slow Internet Connections

slow internet takes way too long

This is a #middleclassproblem. In the 90’s I remember using up all of my parents monthly dial-up internet time to download a 12mb video game called Destruction Derby….It took 6 hours.

Did you hear me? 12mb…6 hours! Those were the days when download speed were measuered in “bauds” ..whatever that was.

These days people freak out if they see a spinny thing for more than 5 seconds on their HD Youtube videos.

Who knew we could become such impatient divas?

News Coverage of Elections

election news coverage is overkill

You know there is no real news when the tv networks spend 2 hours every night conjecturing and volleying wild and useless debates about who will be the next president.

It kills me that just after a new president is elected the media starts talking about the next election again! Seriously?

It’s like an endless Ground Hog day.

School Recitals

I love my kids. I don’t love school recitals. About 10 minutes into the performance my butt has already gone to sleep on the hard plastic chairs.

About 15 minutes into it I look around and see other Dad’s grimmacing as they consult the program handout to find that Scene 1/20 hasn’t even finished.

After awhile even my kids on stage get a far-off stare in their eyes.

At least If you have a restless infant atyou have an excuse to step out and walk up and down the empty school halls. That’s an excuse I no longer have.

Traffic Jams Caused by Gawkers

It’s a divided highway and that accident isn’t even in our side! What the heck is going on?

Traffic has a memory. Like the ripples that outlast a rock thrown into a pond, if one rubber-necker slows down to “check something out” he causes a cascading effect which we all have to pay for long after the fact.

So much time is wasted in useless traffic jams because of these inconsiderate motorists. Yep, its a pet-peeve.

TSA Lines

There’s nothing like being herded like bovines and barked at by the occasional over-zealous young TSA agent on a power-trip.

We all do the “pick up and shuffle” about 357 times before we finally get to the xray machine. By then (if you’re smart) you will have planned your every move and the sequence …Carryon, laptop, your shoes, your belt, passport and boarding pass….oh and empty your pockets.

Not Fun!

DMV Lines

TSA or DMV. Pick your poison. At least at the DMV you might find a seat to sit in while you wait.

On the other hand, the clerks are in even less of a hurry to serve you. I’d bring a book but I’m scared that after two hours I wouldn’t hear my ticket being called.

Old Macbook Laptops

Macbooks are one of those things that last a long time (under ordinary conditions.) I know some folks that are still rocking 1990’s era Macbooks.

I finally upgraded from my 10 year old Mac Pro even though it was still working. Technology waits for no man let alone computers and in order to stay compatible I had no choice.

Hats off to Apple for making truly durable notebook computers. I used to replace my PC laptops every 3-4 years.

Old Fax Machines And Printers

Sure they work…but who uses serial ports anymore? No one likes the grating noise of dot matrix printers either.

So many printers and fax machine doggedly refuse to die when all you want is to print via wifi instead of physically plugging in.

It feels like a sin to throw away working equipment, but who the heck wants them? Why won’t they just die?

Flip Phones

Flip Phones used to be sooo cool. Teens became masters texters using T9 on their Moto Razrs. Now they litter our junk drawers.

I’ll bet if you pulled one out and charged it up it would work just fine. At least Grandma might appreciate it as a hand-me-down.

Wireless Routers

I’ll lay bets that you’ve got a perfectly good router sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.

Is it just my good luck or do routers just never die?

Never in 20 years have I had to replace a router…that leads to quite a collection of perfectly good routers whenever you change internet providers.

Overhead projectors

In the days before powerpoint Overhead projectors dominated classrooms and board rooms. No one could have fathomed the pandora’s box that was opened.

These are just one of those things that last too long.

The only way you could not feel guilty about throwing a piece of kit like this into dumpster was if the bulb blew.

Sure, you could replace the bulb…but nahhh.

Huge CRT TVs

crt tv's last too long

They weigh like 3000 pounds, and will never die…never! It’s so painful.

Today was garbage day and what did I see at the end of some dude driveway? A massive dinosaur of a CRT Sony TV.

Folks who can’t physically move them can’t even give them away on craigslist.

My parents had one of these monstrosities.

When we bought them a new 4K smart TV it took two of us and a heavy duty fridge cart to get the old behemoth down the stairs and out the door.

It still worked fine.

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