Are Blundstones Worth It? A Long-Term Review

Are Blundstones worth it? Mostly yes, for a couple of specific reasons. Firstly, they offer above-average durability especially considering their price point, and secondly, their classic style will outlast the current hipster craze that happens to be making them popular right now.

So that’s it then? Question-answered right? Well, if that’s all you need to just go out and spend a couple of hundred bucks on Blundstones…have at it.

BTW…they usually cost less on Amazon: Check the latest pricing.

But, for the rest of my more rational readers, I’m sure you’re expecting me to back up what I’m saying here with some decent evidence based on actual longterm experience with Blundstones. That I will! While I’m at it, I do have a few complaints about Blundstones to share so stick around.

My 6 year-old Blundstone Chelseas…still lookin’ good

What’s Good

  • Great durability for the price
  • Decent over-all quality
  • Classic looks will outlast trends
  • No laces
  • Ankle elastic doesn’t fatigue

What’s Not Good

  • Not Goodyear-welted(hard to re-sole)
  • Comfort is average
  • Expect to replace the insoles with time.

In This Bundstones Review

  • Are Blundstones Worth It For Durability?
  • Are Blundstones Worth it For Comfort?
  • Are Blundstones Worth it for Style?
  • Which are the Best Overall Blundstones?

Are Blundstones Worth it For The Durability?

Yes, Blundstones are actually worth it for the longevity you get out of them.

Even though Blundstone moved production from Tasmania to Asia 10 years ago, they’ve managed to maintain quality control. Blundstone is one of the very few examples of outsourcing that didn’t result in poorer quality. (Yes, I’m looking at you Dr. Martens!)

I’ve owned a pair of chisel toed “Blunnies” since before they were cool. 11 years ago an Aussie friend of mine in Africa who swore by them told me to get a pair…so I eventually did about 6 years ago. They are still going strong.

Before Blundstones I owned Dr. Martens, but Doc Marten’s betrayed my loyalty. They outsourced their production and simultaneously flushed their good name and quality right down the toilet. (Yes…I am bitter about it)

The leather uppers on my Blundstones have stood up to quite a bit considering all the reckless abuse I’ve subjected them to. Chipping ice with the toe, kicking tires, shoving 2x4s and weathering the mud, salt and slush of many Canadian winters. The soles show surprisingly little wear for the amount of use they’ve had. My Blunnies weren’t particularly deep treaded when I bought them. To me, the tread life is the most impressive factor about these shoes.

Although you can get a more durable boot than Blundstones, you’d also be paying at least $100 more. So yes, Blundstones are worth it especially when considering the longevity you get for their price point

Can You Re-sole Blundstones?

Contrary to what Blundstone’s own website says, Yes, you can re-sole them. However you’ll be getting a different(typically better) sole, and not just any cobbler can do it.

Since Blundstones aren’t Goodyear-welted(the soles aren’t stitched on) you’ll need to mail them to a Blundstone-specialized cobbler. Some offer pretty reasonable rates including return postage.

Blundstone Re-soling Services

Re-sole Blundstones
Vibram Sole replacement on Blundstones from

Are Blundstones Worth it For The Comfort?

Meh…Blundstones aren’t the most comfortable out there. Certainly not enough for me to go, “Oh wow, I’m buying these shoes!”

I just don’t feel they match the hype that all the hipsters give them in the comfort department. I kept asking myself for a long time if I was missing something. No, Blundstones feel pretty much like Dr. Martins do underfoot. Good…but nothing to write home about.

I don’t recommend buying a pair of Blundstones purely on the basis of wanting high comfort but to each their own I suppose.

To help in the comfort department make sure you have comfy insoles. I have gone through two sets of factory insoles and I’m due for another set.

Are Blundstones Worth It For The Style Factor?

Yes, but in one sense, I’m annoyed about it!

In my opinion, spending extra on expensive apparel just for the style points is a glorious waste of money. However, if that item is durable and carries a timeless style…then it may be worth it after all.

Blundstones were designed to to be utilitarian hard-working boots. These days they are so popular, that I’m convinced that attention-hungry hipsters have invented the rolled up their skinny jeans look just to show off their “legit” Blundstone tags…and yes I’m old and grumpy!

So, why do I answer, “Yes.” to the question,”Are Blundstones worth it?”

Well, in my opinion, Blundstones are actually worth it because their classic style will outlast their current trendiness. So yes, Blundstones are worth it…even for folks who don’t give a rip about the latest trends.

What are the Best Blundstones

Let me answer that question based on how you might use them.

Best Blundstones for Casual: The 550

Blundstone Unisex 550Price check it on Amazon

By now, some of my younger readers may be offended by my “skinny jean” comment. But if you’ll forgive me my rantings I’ll at least tell you which casual Blundstones everyone is cray-cray about these days.

The Best Casual Blundstones are the Blundstone 550’s

The Unisex 550’s are wildly popular. A sign of a product’s popularity is often indicated by how many colors and variants they are offered in. Blundstone 550s come in a ton of colors and materials. So its not problem to get into a unique looking pair of 550s. The typical rustic brown is what most folks choose.

Prices for the 550s vary quite a bit depending on the options you want. You can take your pick and get the latest pricing here on Amazon.

Best Dress Up Blundstones: Dress Chelseas

Best Selling Blundstones
Womens’ Blundstone Dress Chelsea in Redwood: See it on Amazon

Blundstone’s Dress Chelseas are one of Blundstones best selling styles of boot mainly because of there versatility. The Dress Chelseas come in a variety of colors and featuring a more conservative chisel toe profile.

While they aren’t exactly “black tie,” they look great with anything from jeans to business suits. I think they are a good choice for office professionals. I picked the men’s Chelsea style in black for myself because I could match them with pretty much anything.

Here’s the link to them on Amazon if you’re interested in them.

Best Blundstones for Work: The 990

Best Blundstones for Work

If there’s one thing I hate about work boots it’s lacing them up. Hello Blundstones! The 990(#168 in Canada) are absolutely rugged and feature a steel toe and shock-resistant soles that can withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius! Of course, by then your legs would have melted off, but cheer up! You’d get to keep your boots!

Anyway, I’m especially impressed with the quality of 990’s outsoles. They certainly are up there with industrial Vibram soles in terms of durability.

You get “a lot of boot” for the money. The 990s are sub-$200 and you don’t need laces. I’m a fan.

You can find them pretty easily on Amazon too.

Here’s a video of guy that has taken his Blundstone 990s literally to the end of the world and back.


I hope I was able to answer your question as to whether Blundstones are worth the cost. In a nutshell: Yes, but wouldn’t buy them simply for comfort. I’d buy them more for their timeless style that will live beyond their trendiness and the value they offer in terms of durability.

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