The Big List of Durable Brands With Products That Are Built to Last

Durable Brands with products built to last

Choosing a product that is built to last makes a lot of practical and financial sense in the longterm especially for items you use frequently. Over a lot of time and research I compiled this list of durable brands to help folks source reliable high-quality products that will easily stand the test of time.

By the way, many items on this list would make stellar gift ideas for loved ones who really enjoy rugged, high-quality products.

Pelican Cases

Credit: Pelican Survival Stories

Pelican cases are well known for their insane durability and it’s why I put Pelican cases at the top. These things have been lost at sea and recovered months later with the camera gear dry and intact.

One of the best-selling Pelican cases is the carry on sized Pelican Air 1535 complete with wheels and an extendable handle. It’s 40% lighter similar-sized rivals but you can still tough enough that you can literally drive 4×4 over it. You can check out my review of it here.

Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks are unconditionally guaranteed for life and they really mean that. If you ever wear a hole in a pair of Darn Tough socks they will replace them! Darn Tough socks use densely-knit thin-gauge Merino wool which is renown for freakish odor resistance and thermal-stable properties.

Their Hiker Boot Sock is especially popular and comfy. I know, because I own a pair! Hikers appreciate the in comfort and durability it brings thanks to the density of the cushion.

For more info on Darn Tough Socks check out this article.

Toyota Land Cruisers

Simply put, The Toyota Land Cruiser series is the most durable line of unmodified 4×4’s in the world. It is the pinnacle of Toyota’s durable brand reputation(which I’ve explained here in-depth)

Which Toyota Land Cruiser is the toughest? My vote goes to the 70 Series Landcruiser with the normally aspirated 1HZ diesel engine.

Saddleback Leather

Guaranteed for 100 years– that’s Saddlebacks claim to fame. They produce seriously high-quality full-grain leather goods. Full-Grain leather is the toughest kind of leather and the only kind that also develops that classic rich patina with age.

I’m a particular fan of their wallets and their classically styled briefcases. You’ll pay for it, but boy! They make some beautiful stuff!

Stanley Flasks & Hand Tools

Your grandfather probably has a Classic Stanley thermal flask and a few of there tools to boot. Stanley’s flasks are legendary for keeping coffee piping hot for an insane amount of time.

Stanley’s hand tools are also guaranteed for life even if you damage them…sweet!

Price check their thermal flask on Amazon

GoPro Hero Action Cams

Technology doesn’t usually make it onto my lists here at but GoPros do. They are still the undisputed king of rugged sports cams. Footage from GoPros lost underwater have even been recovered years later.

The new Hero 8 Black (Amazon link) packs gimbal-like HyperSmooth 2.0 technology video stabilization for even the roughest environements. The Hero is 8 waterproof even without a cage and has a new fold-out mounting point to attach it to anything from a helmet to an airplane’s wingtip.

Merrell Hiking Shoes

Women’s Merrell Moab 2 with Goretex: Price Check it On Amazon

When I say “hiking boot, ” you say “Merrell.” Hiking is Merrel’s forté and they are an industry leader in this niche.

Most of Merrells hiking shoes come with extremely tough Vibram soles. Merrells also typically have heavily reinforced stitched leather uppers as well.

The Merrell’s Moab line, in particularly, is very tough. The Moab 2’s are comfortable and offer a very stable and grippy platform for outdoor pursuits. Some say certain models are a be a bit heavy, but they are also built to last. (Price check them on Amazon)


Carhartt is a respected industry leader in rugged workwear. Their made in the USA double front dungarees and hooded Active Jac are exceptionally tough favorites among hardworking professionals.

I recently reviewed both the Active Jac and the rugged women’s Wesley coat.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army Knives by Victorinox are legendary multitools that last a good long time.

It may surprise you to know that the best selling Swiss Army knife of all time is actually their key-chain sized Swiss Army Classic SD.(Amazon link)

The small inexpensive Classic SD Swiss Army Knife only has a few tools, but it is small enough to always be with you on your keyring. That’s why it’s so great and alos why millions of these little guys have been sold.

My uncle has been rocking his classic SD since the mid-nineties and it’s still going strong. Here’s my full review of the Classic SD.

Fisher AG7 Space Pen

Fisher AG7 Spacepen: See it on Amazon

This is one of the toughest products Fisher pens make. The AG7 is made of high-quality brass and steel with hard chrome plating. The Fisher AG7 is famous for being the same pen that was used in the Apollo 7 space mission. Its special pressurized ink cartridge allows it to write anywhere…even on the moon!

You can find it on Amazon here.

Nalgene Bottles

Ahh…Nalgene. This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning these indestructible water bottles!

Nalgene’s iconic 32 oz wide-mouth bottle is built to last. (See it on Amazon).

It has maintained its same design for many years due to its excellent performance and is also very easy to clean. Bangs and drops won’t faze a Nalgene.

They come with an unspoken lifetime warranty.

Stihl Chainsaws

Stihl chainsaws last for years…no, decades!

The MS271 Farm Boss chainsaw is a great all-rounder. It is a highly rated, powerful and an extremely reliable chainsaw. The MS271’s engine offers efficient performance and long runtimes with tool-less oil and fuel filler caps. The air filtering system is simple and durable too.

25 years of hard use is easily within the Farm Boss’s capabilities.

Danner Boots

Danners boots typically feature full-grain leather and re-soleable Goodyear-welted Vibram soles. You don’t throw these boots out when the soles wear out. You replace their soles and keep going. In fact, Danner offers a very affordable resoling service for their loyal customer base.

Police departments often issue Danner Acadias as duty boots because they are built to last. They simply resole them for their officers every 5-10 years or so. The Acadias are extremely tough and feature a waterproof Goretex-lining. They also make exceptional hiking boots.

Danner AcadiasCheck the latest price on Amazon

Cutco Knives

Cutco brand knives are well known for their door to door salesmen, but their Forever Guarantee is actually the biggest deal about them. Basically, if anything happens to your Cutco knife you’re covered. These knives are built to last and hold a good strong edge.


Bestselling Arizonas: See them on Amazon

Birkenstocks last for-freaking-ever! Plus, with time they mold to the shape of your own feet for a perfect custom comfy fit every time.

Birks have a cult following. The best selling Birkenstocks are the iconic Arizonas. They aren’t exactly cheap but they’ll outlast everything else- Check-em out here on Amazon.



Sure Crocs look like doe balls…but there’s no denying that crocs are comfy and last a really long time. A lot of there durabilty has to do with their unibody construction.- there are no straps to pull out or separate.

The Crocs classic clogs(Amazon) are light, water-friendly and super comfy- perfect for slumming around the house on a rainy day or kicking back by the pool.

The SoleWorkshop Flip Flops


Until now Vibram soles were only found on super-rugged boots like Danners. Not any more. The SoleWorkshop’s hand-made Original Wanderers flip flops aren’t just tough, they’re a bespoke work of art. You’ll pay a fair bit for them, but hey…they are among the longest-lasting flip flops in the world.

For more durable flipflop brands check out this article.


Fiskars is a durable brand from Finland with a great reputation for making high-quality scissors and axes.

I’m a fan of the Fiskars X27 ax. It is an extremely powerful splitting tool with a practically unbreakable fiber-composite handle. It can develop incredible splitting power thanks to its long handle. I own one and did a full review of the X27 here.

Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix Pro 750 series

Vitamix blenders are absolute beasts that will easily last a decade of constant use. These blenders can blend pretty much anything you throw at them into a fine puré. These things don’t even use sharp blades. They don’t need them! Vitamixes just use brute force to blend and crush ice. The Vitamix Pro 750 series is one of their most popular models.

You can actually heat up your soup simply from the speed and friction produced by blades- crazy!

Price check one on Amazon.

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw knives make blade nerds drool. Their folder knife blades are made of extremely high-quality steel. The Leek, in particular, is their most famous single hand-operated folder and is available in plenty of different colors and variations (Price check it on Amazon)

It’s covered with a solid lifetime warranty and even if you do manage to damage it, Kershaw offers an extremely affordable parts and repairs service.

Lodge Cast Iron Frying Pans

Lodge cast iron pans are built to last forever. Due to their thermal mass, cast iron pans like these hold a very even heat for a perfect succulent steak.

The nice thing is, Lodge frying pans are actually pretty affordable.

Price check them on Amazon

Leatherman Multitools

Leatherman is, without question, a durable brand that makes multitools that are built to last. They literally invented the plier-based multitool and have been refining it ever since.

Leathermans come with a 25-year warranty backed up with great customer service. Their best seller is, by far, the Leatherman Wave+ which boasts 17 tools without being too bulky for every day carry.

ESEE Knives

ESEE specializes in making super-rugged, fixed-blade tactical and survival knives with high-carbon steel blades. They also offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the knife industry. They will fix or replace all their knives no question s asked…no receipt required.

Their flagship knife is the super-tough ESEE 6 which I also reviewed here.

Pad & Quill

Heritage Leather Duffel

Pad & Quill is a durable brand that produces very high-quality full-grain leather tech accessories, wallets, and bags (similar to Saddleback Leather)

The Heritage Leather Duffel is a stunning example of their work. You’ll pay for it but it will turn heads. Pad & Quill offers a 25-year leather warranty on their products.

GoRuck Backpacks

GoRuck GR2

I’m convinced GoRuck makes the toughest backpacks on earth. This is a no-nonsense military brand that isn’t messing around.

The GoRuck GR2 rucksack is a 1000D Cordura nylon beast that’s covered under their Scars Lifetime Warranty which covers your butt even if it gets damaged.

Earnest Wright Handmade Scissors

Earnest Wright scissors are the last of a very special breed still being hand-made from the famous cutlery industry of Sheffield England-the birthplace of industrial stainless steel.

The Turtons are a type of kitchen scissors that have great versatility since it has many uses such as cutting food, plastics, and objects in general.

These scissors are equal parts tough as they are elegant.

Here’s a full review I did on the Turtons.

Kryptonite Bike Locks

Kryptonite locks stake their entire reputation on being a durable brand.

Their bike locks are exceptionally tough and well built. They utilize hardened steel that resists any blow, attack, twisting, cutting, or drilling. In addition, Kryptonite offers a security key program and lifetime warranty.

There toughest lock? The New York Standard

Price check it on Amazon

Timbuk2Messenger Bags

Timbuk2 is a durable brand hailing from San Francisco. Their messenger bags are exceptionally rugged. I’ve overpacked and abused my Commute Messenger(Amazon) for 6 hard years and there is literally not even one loose thread on it yet.

Red Oxx Bags

Speaking of durable brands! Red Oxx bags (made in Billings, Montana) are easily the toughest bags I have ever personally reviewed.

Red Oxx makes all their bags from high-density Cordura nylon, double box-stitching stress points, heavy-duty steel closures, zippers and clasps. These bags are built to last. Actually, they’ll outlast you.

Tilley Endurables

Tilley LTM6 Airflo

Tilley hats are truly iconic and tough broadbrims- particularly their Airflow line of hats. All Tilley hats are also guaranteed for life. I’m the proud owner of an LTM5( See my review)

While Tilley is most famous for their hats, they also make some very nice travel wear. Their apparel comes with an amazing warranty that even covers wear and tear!

Briggs & Riley Luggage

Ahhh Briggs and Rylie…next to Pelican they have the best luggage warranty in the world. No matter what those luggage handlers do to your bag Briggs & Riley will fix it or replace it.

Basically, once you buy a Briggs and Riley suitcase you’ll never need to pay to replace it.

Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset represents some of the finest of the French cuisine cookware industry. Le Creuset enamel-coated cast iron dutch ovens, frying pans and casserole dishes will easily last a lifetime.

One of there best sellers is their signature dutch oven: Price check it on Amazon

Le Creuset covers all their cookware with a comprehensive full lifetime warranty.

Steel Case Office Chairs

Steel Case office chairs aren’t cheap, but there’s no denying that they are built to last. They are an industry standard of extremely durable and ergonomic office chairs. The best evidence for their value is that they still go for hundreds of dollars on the used market.

Steel Case’s most popular model is the Steel Case Leap V2

Shun Knives

Shun makes true high-quality Japanese steel kitchen knives that can hold a razor-sharp edge. They are made of stainless steel VG10 and VG2, which means they are very resistant and durable.

Shun offers limited repair warranty, but only if the person did not cause the damage.

Miele Vacuums

Yes they do still make vacuums built to last for 25 years. They’re called Miele Vacuums! Get ready to open your pocketbook though because they aren’t cheap.

Miele’s C3 Marin is one of their best vacuums(See it on Amazon). The Marin packs a ton of power to keep your carpets and rugs extra clean for decades.

Honda Lawn Mowers

Honda lawn mowers are truly built to last. Honda’s small engines are second to none when it comes to durability and power.

I can vouch for that by experience. In my younger years, I worked on a golf course and used Honda-powered mowers for hundreds (if not thousands) of hours. Only once do I recall pulling the start cord twice on a Honda mower.

Jansport Superbreak Backpack

:Jansport Superbreak

Jansport has a good reputation for being a durable brand. It seems like every third child at my kids’ school owns a Jansport Superbreak backpack. That’s for good reason. They’ll easily last from grade one to high school.

That’s a lot of value for a backpack that only costs around thirty bucks!

Price check it on Amazon.

Webber BBQs

Webber BBQs last far longer than others do especially their charcoal BBQs. If you’re into propane then I’d strongly suggest taking a look at their Genesis II series. They are very highly rated and come with a generous 10-year warranty.

Olde Town Canoes

Olde Town Canoes are made in Maine and come with a true lifetime warranty.

The Discovery canoe is one of the brand’s most popular products made of resistant and durable materials. Its design allows efficient stabilization to navigate, fish, or rest on the water. It has very comfortable seats in the bow and stern area.

Disc O Bed Bunk Cots

Disc O Bed Bunk Cots absolutely brilliant space savers and can be configured as two cots, a bunk or even a couch. Both cots together support approximately 450kg while a single one supports around 225kg. Assembly is pretty simple and requires about 8-10 minutes.

I own two sets. Here’s a full review I did on them.

Estwing Hammers

Estwing E316C See it on Amazon

Estwing hammers are unibody steel forged hammers. They are built to last. You will never break the head off one of these hammers. They’ve been around for a long time and carpenters swear by them – who am I to argue?

Levi 501 Heritage Raw Denim Jeans

Levis Straus’s jeans are still going strong because the brand is strong. They know that products that are built to last draw return customers. You can’t get a tougher pair more iconic pair of jeans than Levi 501 Raw Denim Jeans.

If you know denim you’ll know these puppies are made from antique woven looms(selvedge)…the way they used to be made. In other words…tougher and better.

For more on super durable jeans check out this article

Kabar USMC Fighting Knife

USMC Kabar
USMC Kabar: see it on Amazon

The Kabar USMC fighting knife is a legend. It is one of the most iconic knives of the century. The blade features Cro-Van steel, which can be had with a straight or partially serrated edge.

No knife collection is complete without a USMC Kabar. For knife purists you’ll want to get the original Kabar USMC version: See it on Amazon.

Titanium Keybar Key Organizer

I’m a particular fan of these rugged little key organizers. I hate having a pocket full of keys jangling and jabbing me. The Keybar organizes keys much like pocket knife tools- they fold away into the body of the organizer.

You can easily expand Keybars to accommodate more keys or customize them with tools like USB drives, screwdrivers and knives. They can be had in a huge variety of metals like titanium or aluminum but basically they will last forever.

Davek Umbrellas

Davek umbrellas are built to last. They will survive extremely strong wind gusts and are guaranteed for life. Much of Davek’s robust structure is thanks to their tough micro-wire fabric. On top of all that, they’ve got a cool auto open and close mechanism.

Zippo Lighters

Zippo is an all-American durable brand that certainly deserves to be on this list. Their designs are windproof and are made with a thick steel shell, along with a true lifetime warranty you can rest assured that your Zippo will always have parts availability in case of any damage or malfunction.

Amish Made Furniture

When it comes to furniture that is built to last it’s hard to beat Amish made furniture. The Amish have been making hand-crafting true solid wood heirloom-quality pieces for a long time. For more on Amish made furniture check out this article.

G-Shock Watches

G-Shocks have long been among the most rugged watches available and are still the watch of choice for law enforcement, military and outdoor applications.

Gshocks come in a huge variety from simple sports watches to advanced designs with special instruments for scuba diving, military, and aviation.

Here’s a full run-down I did on G-shock watches.

Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch’s durable brand reputation harkens back to the famously rugged Dana bomber backpacks of the 1970’s. The same guy that made those, Dana Gleason II, also founded and owns Mystery Ranch.

Mystery Ranch specializes in making heavy-duty professional backpacks for military, fire crews and law enforcement. Their bags are definitely built to last

One of their best Every-Day-Carry backpacks is the Urban Assault 24 which I also reviewed here.

Manfrotto Tripods

Manfrotto is certainly a durable brand. If you’re into photography at all then you’ll know the Manfrotto name is an industry benchmark for exceptional high-quality tripods. Expect to pay a good dime for these puppies, but buyer’s remorse is practically unheard of.

Gransfors Bruks Axes

Granfors Bruk Small Forest Axe: See it on Amazon

Gransfors Bruks embodies what a durable brand is all about. They’ve been making axes since 1902, and they are widely regarded to be the finest in the world. They forge hardworking heirloom-quality Scandinavian axes that every father will want to pass down to his son. While brands like Fiskars have gone to composites, Gransfors Bruk has stuck to high-quality steels and traditional hardwood handles.


There is just no-way that I could have included all of my recommendations so in parting I wanted to leave a short list of other brands I wish I could have fitted into this article:

  • Patagonia
  • L.L. Bean
  • Duluth Trading Company
  • Tanner Goods
  • Blundstones
  • Eddie Bauer
  • CamelBak
  • Outdoor Research
  • Feetures Socks
  • Apple
  • ARB
  • Filson
  • The North Face
  • Cotopaxi
  • MEC
  • Buck Knives
  • Chrome Industries
  • Harber London

For Even More: 120+ Brands with Lifetime Warranties

What Brands would you add to this list? Comment Below

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